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  1. Hi everyone, Question, I can paste in a list of numbers eg; 1111111111;2222222222;3333333333;4444444444 and so on.. Using an SMTP plugin I can send messages out with the caller number, but I want to add the name in there as well. I have used all the given variables I know of. My question is how can I add names along with numbers? For example, I want to add: 1111111111; John Smith 2222222222; Jane Smith or, 1111111111 John Smith; 2222222222; Jane Smith I know %CID% would be the caller ID (this works) But how do I get the %CALLERNAME% out? My numbers correlate with names, I need to be able to add in or pull the %callername% same way I pull %cid%.. Any information is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!
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