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  1. Which IP PBX is good for Virtual Dedicated Server?
  2. Which is the world best IP PBX and why ?
  3. Which one is the best ?
  4. Scenerio : multiple DID's will forward calls through SIP URI or IP to 3CX PBX extension and from extension these calls will forward to PSTN through VOIP Provider. Is Axon Virtual PBX, good for this purpose? Also please let me know about the following. 1. Can I use Axon Virtual PBX, on Dedicated Virtual Server, how much bandwidth is required for upto 100 extenstions. 2. How many concurrent calls can receive and make. 3. How many VOIP Provider I can use. 4. What type of server configuration is required in the above scenerio. 5. Please advise some good, Dedicated Virtual Server Provider 6. Please advise some good, VOIP Provider for unlimited calls with per month flat rate (Specially for Europe). I will must appreciate, if anyone has better solution for the same purpose. Regards Kamran
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