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  1. Aloha Kenneth, Unfortunately, I have not received a reply from NCH or any new information. I too would very much appreciate any information NCH might be able to provide regarding this topic. Mahalo
  2. I specifically bought the Pro version of Express Scribe so that I could play ds2 files. Express Scribe Pro Transcription Software The Express Scribe Professional Edition includes video playback and supports proprietary audio file formats including dss, ds2 and mvf. Note: The MAC version does not support the dss file format at this time. However, the ds2 file from an Olympus 7000 (previous versions used included Olympus 4000 and 5000 series) only played up to 04mins:28secs of the 13min:31sec ds2 audio file. Four minutes and 28 seconds into the ds2 file I could only hear silence/no v
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