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  1. I disagree! I trade music all the time. Currently my library is 180GB of mp3's and growing! I did find a way to output to the same folder. If you open the program in the bottom left hand corner you will notice the "Output folder" drop down menu. Copy and paste this there - [same as source file]. Works everytime. I have converter over twenty cd's today with no problems. Regards, Jason Hampton - Freedom isn't free
  2. I am sure this is a silly question. But here it goes... How can I make he output folder the same as the input folder when converting files? I have read the FAQ's and found this question and answer: (http://www.nch.com.au/switch/support.html#AFA) P. How do I select the output folder to be the same as the source folder From the application interface you can choose [same as source file] from the Output dropdown box. Does any one have any idea what they are talking about? I have looked. Everytime I convert music files I have to select the input and output
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