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  1. Thanks for this one, too! I can also shift click more than one clip to move several clips at once. I find being in the Storyboard tab (rather than Sequence) easier for moving things around. I've found the user manual and other "how to" stuff from NCH to be minimal at best, so this forum is a big help. Thanks for your input! upm_editor
  2. Thanks for the video!! Is there any way to do this (using the two-headed arrow) without making the second clip shorter? I just want to make a clip longer by adding a second or two back in, but not change the duration of the clip following it. I did find the following workaround: insert a blank clip in between. Then use the two-headed arrow method you suggest to make the blank clip shorter, which leaves a gap. Then you can lengthen the clip into the gap without affecting the duration of what follows. Any remaning gap after than can be deleted. Thanks! upm_editor
  3. Nat, thanks for long reply! Much appreciated. Slo-mo or freeze-framing would make a clip of limited length longer for sure. I probably didn't pose the question too well, but what I'm trying to do is in fact add back in previously eliminated material for a few clips I already have in the sequence. It won't let me do it, with an error message saying I'm too close to another clip (or something to that effect). I can see where I can drag the end of the clip backwards to make is shorter (creating a gap) but I don't see that there is a way to drag the end of a clip on a sequence forward so that the clip is longer and the following material gets pushed or "rippled" down. I thought about putting in an empty hole or gap to allow me to extend the clip, but I can't figure out how to do that. I've got a test project I use to experiment, so I will try some of your suggestions. Thanks! upm_editor
  4. Once clips are in a sequence, it is fairly simple to shorten them. But what about making them longer? Is there any way to trim them so that they are longer and push the clips that follow them further down the sequence? I've tried adding a blank clip, but that's like any other clip, you can't adjust the ins/outs of the video around it. I've thought of adding a gap in between clips so that I can then lengthen one or the other and then delete the gap, but I can't see how to do that. I could also re-edit a longer version of the clip in and then delete the shorter, but is there a better way? Thanks. upm_editor
  5. Thank you, yes, as you pointed out, it does work. Since I first posted, I continued to fuss around with it and I did figure out the following: this kind of duplicating and renaming of subclips only works if you do it from the clip preview window. It does not work if you duplicate clips from the sequence (either in timeline or storyboard mode). What is confusing is that from the sequence, you can duplicate clips and it will let you rename them, but it won't remember the new names, only the Ins and Outs you chose for each duplicate. I'm now going through and doing it all over, but from within cip preview, and under the Clips tab. Thank you for your response, and I hope my mistake will help others getting started on this software. UPM
  6. I have a 12 minute video clip that is my source, which I imported into the project. I wanted to create subclips of that with logical names . . . so I set an in and an out, and then duplicated the clip. I renamed the duplicate (e.g. "wide shot living room" for example). I went through the whole video and created about 30 of these renamed duplicates. I saved the project. Next time I opened the project, all the duplicates were there, but it did not keep the new names. They all had the name of the original 12 minute clip, although it remembered the IN/OUT chosen for each one. Does anyone know if there is a way to create subclips from a main clip? Thanks. UPM
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