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  1. You create a new topic under new posts. The subject matter in a topic should be related. Your problem is not related to my original post. Go to the forum home page where you will see post new topics.
  2. Gentlemen, This post was about how the videopad looks and how the preview screen can be configured. Your topic is way off base. Please start a new topic for this discussion. Thanks.
  3. I am using Video pad version 2.4 as the newer versions did away with good features. The problem with 2.4 is the clip screen is very small and hard to work with. How do you reduce the size of say the sound bar to expand the clip screen? I tried the normal hover the mouse and drag but that does not work. Any suggestions?
  4. OK, I assume that means it is not a feature of 3.02. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I also see that the transitions jump on the saved movie. It did not happen on 2.41. What is this about?
  6. I wasn't very clear about the expanding the green line. I will try again. In the preview window your file is shown in its entirity. If it is a file bigger than a few minutes it is hard to scroll through the preview to see what you want to keep for the timeline. There is a + and - radio key next to the duplicate button on the lower right of the pane. Hitting the + key moves the green bar smaller and smaller until you get where you can scroll easily through the preview. In version 2.4 the preview does not dissappear when you send the clip to the timeline with the green arrow and you can continue editing with the preview zoomed into the easy to scroll condition. With 3.02 the preview goes away and you need to select the file again but the preview bar is fully expanded. You need to keep hitting the + key to get it back to a usable level. That is time consuming and a real pain. Am I doing something wrong? Sorry for the long explanation but I don't know all the terms to make myself clear.
  7. In version 2.4 you could move a clip to the timeline using the green down arrow. The preview pane would remain intact waiting for more cllips to be moved to the timeline. (you had to select "toggle media list styles to make it work) In version 3.02 you cannot keep the preview. After moving a clip with the green arrow the preview goes away and you need to again select the file and then expand the green line with the + box until the file is ready to make edits. Is there a way to change 3.02 to work like 2.4?
  8. In version 2.4 you could check a box to make the default trasition be applied to all your clips in the time line. The new version does not seem to have that capability. Am I missing something?
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