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  1. Thanks for your help its good to know I am wasteing my time with these files. I have tried to buy files before off websites like big pond and others got screwed with these as well they come in a wma file that can not be converted to MP3 for my Ipod or converted to cd. I have sign up for sites that once you pay money for promised downloads you get nothing. Can you recommend a website that I can buy the tracks in a MP3 format.
  2. I am new to the download world. I was wondering if someone could fill me in on why some of my downloaded MP3s wont play any sound. I have tried a few different players. Also converted the files to wav. The files have been downloaded from Kazzaa. It dosn't happen to all files just the odd one. I have down loaded many versions of the same file from differnt users still no luck. Is there an encription on some MP3s. Need some education.
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