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  1. Express Accounts does display 'Total Equity' value at the bottom of balance sheet, which is same as Net Assets. I am guessing this is just the matter of difference in terms. Total Equity = (Total Assets - Total Liabilities) = Net Assets.
  2. Invoices, quotes and orders can be imported from CSV files. From the left hand side panel, click 'Open Invoices/Quotes/Orders' list, and select 'Import' option from the first menu item on the top of the popped up window.
  3. Payments are automatically applied to 'accounts payable' bill when the balance for supplier is in negative, i.e., if the supplier already has funds from you. This commonly happens in the following scenario: Step 1) You entered new accounts payable bill, say PRC10001 for supplier A for $20. Step 2) You applied payment of $20 to the above entered bill PRC10001 for the supplier A, making it fully paid. Step 3) You then deleted the bill PRC10001 (but not the payment) for whatever reason. [supplier A's account should show negative balance of -$20, because the payment was not deleted. Step 4) You entered a new accounts payable bill PRC10002 for suppler A for $50. [Now, the above payment $20 will automatically be applied to the bill PRC10002, making it partially paid, and the due amount of $30] ============================================================================== If you want to delete a payment for an accounts payable bill, you should do it from 'View -> 'Payments of Accounts Payable' window, and not from Journal window or anything else. Actually, I never delete/touch anything from Journal window. This leads to problems, as it only deletes journal entries, not actual bills and payments. Note that 'View -> Payments' is for payments received from customer, and 'Payments of Accounts Payable' is for payments made to supplier. I always delete a payment first, before deleting the accounts payable bill. This helps me keep track of things. ====================================================================================== If it does not solve your problem, write me a private post with more details and screen-shots of Suppliers, Accounts Payable, Payments of Accounts Payable, and Supplier Statements windows. I would be happy to look into it.
  4. This issue should be resolved in current version. Try updating EA.
  5. Steps: - Export the customer Info, - Delete all the data (You could uninstall ExInvoice and reinstall again) - Import the previously exported customer info.
  6. Billing and shipping addresses fields can be as long as you want. So, you can add the contact person and number in 'Bill To:' and 'Ship To;' fields in the 'New Invoice' window.
  7. I am guessing, you applied payment to all without realizing. Anyway, to view and delete payments, click 'Payments of accounts payable' under 'View' menu.
  8. If you are using Windows system, I suggest checking 'Control Panel -> Region and Language' settings to see what date format you have on your computer, and change it to UK format, if it is not so already.
  9. - Go to 'Customers' window from 'View' menu, - Select a customer or Add a new customer, - Click 'Edit' button on toolbar to edit the details of the selected customer, - Go to 'Info' tab and edit the opening balance to the desired amount, - Click 'OK'. Similar can be done for a supplier. Also the 'Opening balances' for many accounts can be changed from the 'Chart of Accounts' window. I suggest you should check and verify 'Balance sheet' and 'Income statements' on modifying any opening balances. Hope this helps!
  10. I would do a second invoice and a credit note, then apply the credit note to the new invoice. Put the new item on new invoice, and old item (returned item) on the credit note. If the new item's price is more than the old item, the new invoice will be 'partially paid' status after the credit note is applied. If the new item's price is less than the old item, the new invoice will be 'fully paid' status after the credit note is applied. And you can still use remaining un-applied amount on the credit note to some other invoice in future for the same customer.
  11. Only way I could think of now is as below: - Open 'customers list' window in Express Invoice. - Select all or desired customers from the list. - Click top 'Customer' menu and select 'Export to CSV', select a desired folder location and click OK. - Now, open the generated CSV file with MS-Excel (or import in Outlook) or any other program of your choice. (I was able to import all the desired email address and other fields in my Outlook contact by manually matching the field headings when importing from the CSV file.) Hope this helps!
  12. It sounds like permission related issue. Your logo image file or the folder containing it may have 'administrators' only permission or similar. - Locate the image file and right click -> Properties, - navigate to 'Security' tab, click 'Advanced', - change permissions and click 'OK' Hope this helps!
  13. This is interesting. I did not know auto-backup existed in ExpressAccounts. Thank you for your post; it drove me to look for it and found out how that works. Try this: Note: I am using ExpressAccounts ver 4.79 on Windows 7 OS. - Go to 'Accounts' menu -> 'Back Up Data... - On 'Back Up Data' window, select 'Back up to a Network Folder' and 'Select Folder' to a desired location on your hard drive. - On the same window, select 'Enable Scheduler', and 'Save' I found that it creates the daily backup schedule in Windows Task Scheduler. If you are familiar with this, you could change rules and times of scheduling directly from the Windows Task Scheduler (plenty of help on this topic can be found on internet). I think, your computer needs to be ON at the scheduled time, otherwise it won't backup until the next scheduled time.
  14. I suspect you are using Immediate 'Payment and Purchases' dialog to enter your transactions. Doing this may not track or link to a particular supplier. 1) Try entering 'Accounts payable' first using 'Enter Payable' top toolbar button on Purchases tab, 2) then apply payment using 'Pay Payable' button. This links transactions to a supplier. Hope this helps!
  15. If you pay any outstanding 'Accounts Payable', it should appear in 'Payments of Accounts Payable' report. It seems you are trying to track a particular payment of a supplier. In latest version, 'Supplier statement' feature may help. Go to View -> 'Suppliers'. Select the supplier from the list. Right click on the supplier, select 'Statement Preview' from the menu. It should show you all the transactions and payments for the supplier.
  16. Go to Options -> Invoice Layout -> Style. Scroll down to 'Text Block Positioning' section. Explore and try-out different configurations from the pull-down-list. Hope this helps
  17. Hi Ivana, Combining many orders into one invoice has many complications. For example: if Order 1 has 5% discount applied to entire order, and order 2 has no discounts, then merging creates calculation uncertainties. None-the-less, there are other factors to consider, such as due dates differences, billing/shipping addresses differences, tax-exemption differences with orders, etc. Thus, I'd not recommend going that road. However, there's a solution. I believe what you are looking for is 'customer statement'. This can be access through: - 'View->Customers'. - Select your client and click 'Statement' on top toolbar. You could preview or print it. - It contains the summary of all the invoices, amount due, amount paid, for the selected period. You could send this to your client. Make sure to verify and match all information on the statement with invoices and your expectations before sending it. Hope this helps!
  18. If you are using Windows (Vista or later), ExpressAccounts data are stored in ProgramData folder (it may be hidden). For example, on my PC it's stored at: C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ExpressAccounts 1) Exit 'Express Accounts' program 2) Delete above 'ExpressAccounts' folder and including all subfolders. OR (just to be safe) rename it to something else like 'ExpressAccountsBackup' 3) Run 'Express Accounts' program. It should start up with wizard to enter 'Company name' and other start-up details. Hope this helps!
  19. This post may help: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/20253-splitting-an-invoice-into-2-halves/
  20. That's not the error I expected. You may have selected the wrong folder while restoring. Make sure to copy all the backed-up data from old pc to new pc, and while restoring, select 'Restore manual backup' and browse to the backed-up root folder. The folder name should be something like "ExpressAccounts-Backup-2013-10-15".
  21. I'm almost certain there'd be some compatibility issues (if not major), but you could try and see for yourself. The backup/restore feature may help. See the link below from previous forum: http://nch.invisionz...a-new-computer/ OR Alternatively, you can start from scratch on new version. Simply enter the opening balances for each accounts (in charts of accounts), customers and suppliers from old version, and check balance sheet and income statement before start entering new invoices and purchases.
  22. You could enter your check book number in 'Reference number' input, when entering a payment.
  23. Use Backup/Restore features. They are available under top 'Accounts' menu. 1) On old computer, click 'Back Up data...', and follow the instructions there. 2) Copy the backed up data folder to new computer. 3) Then on new computer, click 'Restore data' and follow the instructions. Note: On restore, it will delete all previously entered 'ExpressAccounts' related data on the new computer.
  24. Customer PO numbers should show up on invoices print-outs/previews; and also on customer statements print-outs/previews. The best place to view this is on a customer statement: - Go to 'View' menu and click 'Customers'. A 'Customers List' window should open up - Select a desired customer from the list, right click on it, and select Statement -> Preview Statement. - It should show up all invoices of the customer for the selected period, and customer PO number (if found). However your suggestion makes sense. You could put in NCH suggestion to add customer PO number to Invoice List window. This can be done through ExpressInvoice main-window 'Help' menu, and select 'Send improvement suggestion or feedback'.
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