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  1. On Inventoria:

    (1) Open Inventoria.

    (2) Options -> Other -> Advanced Settings...

    (3) Check “Allow Express Invoice, Express Accounts, or Copper to synchronize with Inventoria.”

    (4) Access Authentication Code: Enter a number or password that is hard for others to guess. Sometimes I use "123456" for testing.

    (5) Click OK.

    Leave Inventoria running.


    On ExpressAccounts:

    (6) Run Express Accounts.

    (7) Options -> Inventory.

    (8) Check “Allow Express Accounts to synchronize with Inventoria”

    (9) Access Authentication Code: Enter your code again here from Inventoria

    (10) IP address: Enter if ExpressAccounts and Inventoria are running on the same computer. (Otherwise, you may need to go back to the other computer and visit www.whatsmyip.org or use another approach to see the IP address of that computer.)

    (11) Enter the port number, which is 1097 for Inventoria by default (unless you changed to something else)

    (12) Location name: Click "Retrieve Locations". Then select a location from the drop-down. If you haven't changed the defaults in Inventoria, it will be "Main Warehouse".

    (13) Click "Update now" to make sure it works.

    (14) Click OK at the bottom of the window.

  2. - Try copying the folder ExpressAccounts-Backup-2014-03-25 to your Desktop.

    - Check inside the folder. It should contain many sub-folders in it, such as Accounts, Invoices, orders, etc., otherwise something wrong went with your backup process.

    - When restoring, at 'Select Backup File' browse window, navigate and select the top folder 'ExpressAccounts-Backup-2014-03-25'. After successfully selecting, the 'Restore File:' input box should show entire path of the folder, for example, if you selected the one on Desktop folder, it may say: "C:\Users\<your user name>\Desktop\ExpressAccounts-Backup-2014-03-25"

  3. Backup/Restore would help in this situation.


    First on old laptop:

    - Click 'Back up data' under top-left 'Accounts' menu.

    - Select 'Back up to a Network folder' and 'Select a desired folder' location

    - Click 'Back up now'.

    - It should have created a backup folder of all the data. Copy the backed up data to a USB/external/network drive


    Finally, on the new destop:

    - Load the USB/external/network drive.

    - Install ExpressAccounts,

    - Click 'Restore data' under the 'Accounts' menu.

    - Read the warning and click 'Restore from backup' if you agree.

    - Select 'Restore manual backup' and 'Select the backup folder'

    - Click 'OK' to restore.


    Hope this helps!

  4. If you are using Windows (Vista or later), ExpressAccounts data are stored in ProgramData folder (it may be hidden). For example, on my PC it's stored at:

    C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ExpressAccounts


    1) Exit 'Express Accounts' program

    2) Delete above 'ExpressAccounts' folder and including all subfolders. OR (just to be safe) rename it to something else like 'ExpressAccountsBackup'

    3) Run 'Express Accounts' program. It should start up with wizard to enter 'Company name' and other start-up details.


    Hope this helps!

  5. Use Backup/Restore features. They are available under top 'Accounts' menu.


    1) On old computer, click 'Back Up data...', and follow the instructions there.

    2) Copy the backed up data folder to new computer.

    3) Then on new computer, click 'Restore data' and follow the instructions.

    Note: On restore, it will delete all previously entered 'ExpressAccounts' related data on the new computer.

  6. If you are using Win Vista or later, the database is located under ProgramData folder.

    For example: C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\Copper


    Although possible, manually modifying these data is NOT recommended as it can result in undesirable consequences such as data corruption, crashing of Copper, or hard-drive catching fire ;-)

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