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  1. Has anyone gotten the CID to work from the FXO? all i get from the pstn is FXO1 call. if i login into the spa 3102 you can see the last caller info but it does not pass that info to axon that should pass that info the the ext dialed? logs from axon and ivm only shows (call FXO1)
  2. can you provide detail as to what neds to be set? as when i turn on the callerid option in the spa3102 then no inbound call can be made. also the only thing i get now is the fxo1 call.
  3. i need one that supports 4 ports IE like the grandstream or the spa400. I dont see anything but the 3102. if you have 4 different spa 3102 whats the likelyhood and the two working corectly when you cant even get CID to work with axon and the 3102?
  4. did this get corrected? sounds like a ports problem, i had the same issue with my router and tried several without any luck, if you look at the logs on your router you may notice packets being dropped. also what type of fxo adapter are you using?
  5. what fxo device? if spa 3000/3102 the caller id part was turned on and would not allow for call out or in, also the ports used on the external line to the fxo on device was needing to be set to the same port number.
  6. phone company do not send date and time data. if you set your phones time and date wrong and get a call see what shows up more then likely the wrong date and time. test this and let us know.
  7. ALSO linksys SPA400? NCH tested this item? Anyone else test this item?
  8. Has anyone configured an grandstream GXW4104 4 port fxo/fxs device with axon? How does it and IVM/IMS handle multiple calls to the auto attendant to route the calls? Also what about routing outbound calls does the user have to connect to a different external line (ie like dial 8 or 9 to get a differnt line on a four ports device) or does it just round robin to the next open pstn line?
  9. sorry i guess that is what i meant to say, as i do have it installed as it works fine internal and as the post says i have port 606 open and request forward to the servers ip. i will post on on the other board but would expect the same people watch the as i have in the past two years. finaly got things working or atleast almost.
  10. if i place someone on hold from the external ET (express talk be) system you never hear the professional IVM on hold music that was configured to the ip and port. port 606 is allowed on the firewall.
  11. i have an issue where by ET is installed remotely (outside our network) gets a call and trys to answer (at the bottom of both systems ET software it states the call answered) but the line 1 light is still blinking and then hangs up. Now if i call from external to internal i can answer the call all day long. also if i place someone on hold from the external ET system you never hear the professional IVM on hold music that was configured to the ip and port.
  12. d1rage5

    skype uplink

    i know somewhere along the way there was a post about having to add the + sign in axon or uplink to make axon dial skype. can some reply with that info again i cant seem to find that post anymore.
  13. Right now nothing works right. I have the axon on a public static ip address and the spa3102 on the internal ip if you goto www.habershamwoods.com/line1.htm or /pstnline.htm you can review my setup. if you need to see anything else you can email me d1rage5@ yahoo .com
  14. Same issue here, this guide must be an older firmware version. I have set the 3102 back to factory defaults and same thing it does not work. you can see the guide was set for a older version (Fireware) Can someone look at the last two firmware versions and fix this dang thing or send a link to the firmware version the guide is supported under.
  15. dial out through pstn and skype work fine. dian in does not, when dialing the axon pbx errors out with the following. incoming call failed unable to find any lines with the ID "XXX" or extensions with the ID "XXXCID info" this works with the 3000spa just very bad sound quality. the 3102 never worked correctly but with the new firmware I can now dial out but not in now. boy oh boy.
  16. Mine does not have any logs for uplink. Axon is the free PBX from NCH I know when you use skpye by it self it always has a + sign and the code when you dial directly, so some how you would need to make your pbx put the +1 before it dails or skype will never dial. be also before i did this i had the same issue.
  17. Did you try placeing the +1 in the dialing plan's prepend for the uplink? (This is in Axon software) The +1 is fur dialing USA for others you would need to see what skype uses for dialing that country code, i would assume it would be the regular code.
  18. i have set a dial plan of 6 (and first digit removed) to dial skype, but when i dial 6 plus a phone number to dial axon shows a message (Eoor returned : 491 request pending. nothing ever shows up in uplink. Uplink and skype are connected and i allowed uplink access control with skype. uplink is registered in axon. Iam stuck. also if i call a land line with the skype software manually the uplink shows that i am making the call.
  19. d1rage5

    linksys 3102

    i can get this to transfer call from outside and not call out, i get a dial sound two times then fast busy sound on disconnect. what the issue here.
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