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    ivm cc payment

    so after the last section (Done) that will play back there info and they press 1 to confirm you would then change it to an OGM that leaves a message? Would it still finish and record the data in the DB/CVS?
  2. d1rage5

    ivm cc payment

    i would like to know if you could if use this to allow the person calling to leave a voice mail as well so that you have the name and address and then have the data entered?
  3. if you are using the IVM you can block nubers with CID. goto settings then caller id the enable the call id block and put the numbers you want to block or you can enable the blocking of private or unknow numbers. you have options to send them to a OGM or just drop the call.
  4. Ive also seen on a lot of home routers and firewall the stun servers will screw things up, you can try not to use then in axon and the MOH (this will have to be done on the local host file and have it point to the loopback address). after this i was able to put the 197 by itself on the MOH tab and it allowed me to place people on hold.
  5. Has anyone configured this phone with axon?
  6. I created some external lines and the have like 25 charters with either & sign and numbers but they can not be deleted, edited or changed. every time i try to edit them it will just create a new line (that new one can be deleted as long as it is under 20 charters). has any one else seen this and know how to correct or manully delete the entry?
  7. Is there any other software MOH that will work with axon? It seems that when you press your hold button that axon should place the call to hold and not the device (ip phone)....
  8. i have had several people say that their gxp2000 phone works fine with the IMS but they can not tell me hows its configured to work. I will post below the data from the gxp2000 to the PBX server that also holds the IVM and IMS, no where on the phone can you set what port is used for MOH system (port 606) unles it is being configured some other way to get it to work, this is also a problem on most other ip phone except the stupid softphone. I can make and receive calls all day long but when placeing someone on hold they get nothing even internally. If i dial the 197 ext i can access the MOH...
  9. we have axon setup on a firewall at a corp location the firewall has a static IP and forwards all request to axon server with IVR and IMS (using port 606) the following is what the user gets on there router when placing someone on hold. this is a d-link dsl router Blocked incoming ICMP error message (ICMP type 3) from X.X.X.237 (Corp static ip on firewall) to X.X.X.X (static IP on users router) as there is no UDP session active between X.X.X.X:5060 (users Static IP on router) and (private ip on corp server behind firewall. X.X.X.X are public static IPs
  10. was there anything strang setting up voipcheap in the external line (in axon)?
  11. d1rage5

    uplink skype

    what about dialing a name and not a number for skype? using a voip phone or express talk?
  12. d1rage5

    skype uplink

    the version before you had to add the + but looks they addded it in already.
  13. For those who would like to know, it was a memory problem changed out the 4 gig (had two bad sticks on each pair) just goes to show how wird memory issues will drive you crazy
  14. Well i know that ext groups were made for group ringing as we are going to use this we just had one person and adding others next week). We have been testing it setup this way without issue on the test server (much faster system), we had a few other odd ball things happening with axon. SO i thought may be some flacky memory and would you know that fixed all the problems - HP will love me sending back 4 gig of ram..... Thanks
  15. when a skype caller calls in the uplink passes the call to axon then axon passes the call to IVM but the skype user can not dial the ext needed. it does not pass the tone used to transfer calls and they will just get voice mail after listening to the OGM 3 times. has anyone seen how to correct this?
  16. This may need to be an axon add or ivm (as this is were it is now) give the user the option to add a number to transfer a call to (like there cell phone or other ext) i would think it could be added to the menu when they check there messages (199). Also give them a option to setup a vacation OGM insteed of just one that they need to change every time.
  17. in axon you have the group line to pick up calls on, in the option for waiting to transfer it gives three options one being the music on hold, ringing and silence. Why would axon play the music on hold before transfering to ivm? would this be a server issue (to slow) of a software issue that i have missed somewhere?
  18. I got it to work (at least a work around), under groups in AXON change the on hold while waiting to ring only. this will ring then ivm ANSWERS (ONLY ONE RING FROM AXON) this still needs a better fix, hope someone else will chime in with the correct way to do it.
  19. I know ive seen this before. When a called calls axon picksup and transfer to MOH then to IVM. I have it set to only goto group 701 and has only one ext 198. it works fine on another system but when we changed over to a newer system this happened. I know when it was first set up it had this issue but cant find where to correct it. Thank
  20. I have axon 1.20 and et connects through axon, i do have ivm calls directed to ine ext and it transfers those calls. i understand about the line in use so thats not a big problem.
  21. Can ET BE support more the one call coming in at a time? Right now if someone is on the line it goes to voice mail but they can make calls out as it will put the others on hold unless conferenced in.
  22. d1rage5

    grandstream 2000

    can you post or send me a copy of your basic, advanced and account 1 setting so i can veiw the differances?
  23. d1rage5

    grandstream 2000

    music on hold? have you gotten or know when to configure the music on hold in the grandstream 2000?
  24. didnt have the issue with the not answering for the error you had but i created the 198 external line to ring on group 198 and it worked dont know why but it did. I hopes its not a bug and the next version its fixed and it breaks the current setup. well see in the next test inviroment.
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