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  1. Hey guys, I am currently configuring a basic setup which incorporates Express Dictate, Delegate and Scribe. I have successfully created a number of typists in addition to speakers. I can send dictations from ED without any problems and they are handled by the Delegate rules. Scribe receives the dictations as it should but the problems start when I want to finish a dictation. Normally (without Delegate in the equation) I could just click the Done button and the dictation would be removed from my list. Unfortunately this option is unavailable to me - the options is greyed out. Is there a reason for this? I'm assuming that there is something in Delegate that I have missed Is the option for completing dictations simply not available when using Delegate to assign dictations? How would a typist go about confirming that a piece of work has indeed been completed? Any help on thsi would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys, speak to you soon
  2. Hey guys We're currently using Express Scribe and Dictate within a number of our supported client's practices. We've managed to get it all setup properly but am experiencing an issue with the sorting of dictations. The basic setup involves two members of staff dictating and 3 secretaries receiving these dictations. When the secretaries use the Load function to list all dictations, they are unable to sort them chronologically. When the date column tab is clicked, most of the dictations sort except for those sent by one particular member of staff. These seem to be randomly inserted into the list and I can't see any pattern to it. I've checked the settings within the scribe software but am starting to think that this is a problem at the end of the staff member who is sending the dictations :-\ Has anyone else experienced this problem or am I alone here? The type of business these people are in require that they be able to see dictations sorted by Date, without having to search the entire list (which is over 100 dictations) for the ones that are randomly placed. Any suggestions welcome. All machines are running Windows XP with SP2 installed. We haven't seen this problem elsewhere - only at this one site. Many thanks, Mark P.S. If you require further clarity on the problem, I can attach a screenshot.
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