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  1. I've done that - started them in the correct order. I usually start firefox, then shut it down (because I've remembered that I wanted to record after I've started opening the browser). After firefox closes, I start soundtap. I found that freecorder works better with last.fm, My Friend had to reinstall last.fm then reboot his computer. After that, when he started soundtap first and then last.fm it worked. I found this out today. I've not tried Soundtap with last.fm since I've reinstalled last.fm today. I've had a driver issue today where all the audio related drivers, including the chip set had to be reinstalled. The drivers going bad might have been the problem, which is why the reinstallation of last.fm didn't work. Thanks! I'll consider this case closed. I'll use SoundTap for the radio streams and freecorder for the other applications.
  2. Update: I found that Record Pad record everything but with NO sound. No amount of tweaking between mono, force ect. or tweaking anything I found elsewhere worked. However, I found that the Freecorder (paid version only) worked really well and records last.fm with no issues at 128kbs quality. Soundtap records everything else that HAS a URL well, just not they non-embedded stuff. However, my friend has gotten Soundtap to record non-embedded stuff by rebooting his computer, then starting soundtap and then starting last.fm. I never got last.fm to record even after I did this. I've not tried it since reinstalling last.fm.
  3. Another issue is it NEVER tells you that the streaming stopped until AFTER the song is over, nevermind that it actually stopped 1 minute in. I am now attempting to record an online, embedded stream. The last stream was embedded, but was hosted at another site and embedded into my site. Thus, I wasn't really expecting that one to work. IF the fix these bugs with sound tap, I will upgrade. I'm paying for it anyways. However, I am sorely tempted to try the German Radio recorder to see if there's work's better for the same $20.
  4. I wonder if choosing mono out will solve my soundtap not recognizing sound issue? I've wondered about that before I read your post, Tom. Record Pad, my friend got to record, but I didn't. IF I get it to record last.fm, then I will definately save to buy it, unless I can get soundtap to record last.fm. I'm using Record Pad trial version, and changed the settings. I still get low output! It matters not whether I choose Mono, force, stereo or joint. And I get NO sound! Maybe the device just hates Toshiba's and only works on HP's.
  5. I got Sound Tap to record one song live, then it quit. When I upgraded last.fm, sound tap quit working. Now, it won't record last.fm, but will record other radio stations, as long as that stream is embedded in the browser. Record Pad, my friend got to work on last.fm, so he says. BUT, I get NO sound! So, I'm back to Sound Tap, the thing I actually bought. So, what can I do? Sound Tap only works with stations that are embedded in the web browser. Any radio that pops up and play thru Winamp, or WMP sound tap does not record. Thanks! -signed miffed and very frustrated! Plus, when one buys a product, tries it and gets it to work, why should one have to PURCHACE support? A product should work fine all the time! Sound Tap is just too unstable. Record Tap is just too silent and does not produce sound at all. Record Tap I would never buy! Or maybe the issue is with me, nothing works for ME! Everything only works for Other People!
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