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  1. Dear Vikram, thanks for that. The eMail I received with the activation code does not have the version number. The only thing I can see from here that is indicative of the build is the date of the eMail. That is 28 August, 2005. Appreciate it if you could find the build from that period. Thanks Danny
  2. Hi All, for about 3 weeks now I have been trying to get a response from Peter Lupton at NCH suggestions@nch.com.au Last year I purchased a licence for IVM but never implemented the software properly. The software got deleted and now I am trying to get the version I have paid the licence fee for. (The latest version is an upgrade so I have to apparently pay the upgrade fees). I note from the forums that the brand owners do not really have much interest in responding to posts. Nor do they seem to respond to eMails. In my line of work, this type of behaviour suggests poor business ethics. Does anybody have the link to the archives at NCH so I can try and find the version I have the licence for? Alternatively, can anybody recommend a more robust application that will achive the same objectives as IVM. Best Regards Danny
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