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  1. Thanks for your reply. I think for now we can live with the little music that we have in our file. We might try a simple low pass filter set at 3 KHz but I don't know yet what the result will sound like. Is this what you were thinking?
  2. Hello, Given an MP3 file consisting of a narration and some background music, is it possible to filter out the music and leave only the voice? It is a mono recording so channel separation is not an option. Thanks! patrick
  3. Greetings, I've been using WavePad 3.05 for a few days and I find the "Auto Split" feature extremely useful for breaking apart spoken text into sentences. However, it seems that you have to save the resulting split files one at a time which can get really old if the original file had more than a few sentences. So I was wondering: am I missing something, or is there really no "Save All Open Files" option? I see there is a "Copy All Open Files to CD" option but even that requires that you save each open file first. BTW, I have tried the NCH Splice utility which *does* do a batch save of the split files but it doesn't seem to do the actual splitting nearly as well as WavePad. I think it might have something to do with the fact that WavePad's Auto Split time interval is measured in milliseconds (100 ms seems like a good value) but Splice only measures it in whole seconds (you can entered 0.1 manually but I think it is still using 1.0 s because I can't get the same results as I do in WavePad). Any suggestions would be much appreciated! --patrick
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