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  1. Thanks for that Phil. I guess you havnt heard anything yet. I've not entered any data over the past 3 month as I've still some issues with the way the journal displays data as per my link in my last pots in this thread. Dont know what I'm doing wrong, but I've now reloaded the application and started over again with the latest but one (4.79, I see there is a 4.8 and yet again chargeable, come on people). Still cant see any supplier in the journal when creating a report or juts viewing. I take it you can see the supplier in your journal reports Phil. If I cant resolve the issue this week we are going to buy a new package for the accounts and Express Accounts looked good a year ago, but now its very trying in trying to get it to supposedly work. Phil (Also)
  2. Hi, is there anyone in the UK I can bounce emails with regards this software. Looks like some people have this working a treat and some are struggling (like me) to get to grips with its odd quirks even after a year of using it. I see that Express Accounts is being sold in the high street in the UK at PCWorld and I’m sure there will be many buying this software or maybe them that do will be having similar issues and inundating the writers. So anyone with the software performing as it should that could help.
  3. In V4.79 I dont see a Company tab in Options, the fiscal year setting is under the 'general' tab in Options. In the General tab you are presented with Compant Details. Does this help if you havent already found it.
  4. I'd asked the same question in August, but it seems me and you must be the only ones that have the issue as there were no replies, though the latest version may have addressed this but I've not entered new data in the accounts software since August as at the moment I cant trust it, or maybe I cant trust myself using it. Seems I can design electronic control systems for Hybrid buses, but cant get to grips with Express Accounts. http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/20139-what-is-it-doing/
  5. Any further comments before I reinatall and tart all over again for the last time, before we possibly bin it which would be a shame.
  6. So I've concluded from your posts that I should see the suppliers name in any payment report or in any journal view. Clearly I am not, What could be wrong I ask as this this has always been the case since we started to use Express accounts almost a year ago and even after starting the application from new (empty) several times, the same result.
  7. Thanks for that. I am actually entering the amount as an 'acounts payable' then later going into accounts payable again and bringing up the particular entry and paying it, so I'm not doing an imediate payment. Interesting that I can bring up the account that has to be paid and in there, there is the account name (supplier) and the amount etc and I can pay it, but in the journal there is no mention at all who the supplier is. Of course in viewing a period or all of the the transactions in accounts payable I dont see any supplier or indeed any monies too, just a blank white window with £0.00 under the amount heading.
  8. Thank you for the reply. Well that’s a second test I’ve done. Eloy (NCH) replied to a personal email with another test by using the ‘view’ and filter supplier and both his test and your test fail to give any info. If I do your test, and I view a supplier or all suppliers over the last 6 months I get not data display in the window. More fundamentally, going back to my initial post. If I display the journal over say the last 6 months, and select all, I see the entries of payments and receipts, but in the description column of the journal, I see the company name of those who have paid us preceeded with the word Receipt, but in any payment I see only the word Payment and no supplier name. If again in journal, I select receipts, I see the all the relevant data and in description I see the company name preceded by the word receipt. But if I select payments tab, I get everything I’d expect to be displayed except that in the description column I’m just seeing the word ‘payment’ but no company/supplier name is displayed. When I’m entering a payment details I am selecting the appropriate supplier and carrying out the entries correct as far as I can tell. When then paying the account, I’m selecting the appropriate supplier and entering conforming payment, its just that those suppliers are not appearing in any view or report even though the payment amount etc is. I’m obviously doing something wrong.
  9. How can I view the paid accounts under the supplier in accounts payable. What does tab 'Payments of Accounts Payable Report' provide? It doesnt seem to do anything. I was hoping it would give a report of accounts paid. Basically I'm trying to find out who (which supplier) I paid a sum too as shown in the Journal. All I see is the reference number of course along with the word 'payment' in the description, where when looking at receipts I see 'receipt followed by the customers name. Is this a bug, or something I'm doing wrong. Thanks.
  10. Wow and I was concerned that EA wasnt working out VAT correctly when it hit a half pence. Some fundamental maths here and MCGCS shows it. 20% of 700 is not the same as 20% of 560, added to, or taken away. So you cant expect 700 -20% to equal 560 + 20%, if you can get it work out, we wont need to work for a living, we can simply shuffle numbers like the city. If your invoice to your customer is £700 then you will net £583.33, and EA wil give you this figure and it is correct. If you want £560 net then your invoice will be £672. If you've invoiced like this in the past, then you've been over charging your customer at £700 and keeping £560, then you've overcharged your customer and I'm surprised they havent noticed the strange calculation on the invoice. Of course Mr VAT has also made some extra cash too. If the customer has agreed to £700 a week then you've lost out to Mr VAT and should reclaim.
  11. Apologies I’m addressing (maybe moaning) a few subjects here. Maybe it’s because I’m not an accountant, which was one reason for purchasing Express accounts, but I do find it hard to understand the intuitiveness of this software. It does seem to work out the figures OK but it would be nice if the Journal showed or had the ability to show who the payments were made to rather than just the transaction. At the moment we enter the purchases one month after the month of invoice as we pay them, and we set the date one month back (to save having to reselect the month in the option when entering payment). I’ve restarted the whole application from scratch because it’s not clear what the summary at the bottom left hand screen actually refers to as the numbers bears little resemblance to what out balance is. However, when we calculate VAT manually outside Express Accounts, those values agree with what Express Accounts provides. One other oddity is that when entering a purchase, EA seems to get confused when the VAT has a half penny calculated. Has this been addresses in later software, which I guess to obtain this fix means purchasing the latest version for bug fixes? Would be nice to have a very basic tutorial for the application that addressed simple tasks so the uninformed can get to grasps as to what is happening behind the scenes. Thanks in anticipation of any feedback. P
  12. I’m not finding this application intuitive in its use as an engineer and not a book keeper. However, how are incidental purchases entered, such as subsistence/meals etc. I can create an account in chart of accounts maybe, but at the moment I’m entering the details in accounts payable etc. Also how is the initial balance (start up balance) recovered/taken out of the accounts, is this simply done by paying out using ‘make a payment’ Any help would be appreciated.
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