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  1. Borate, Thanks for the response - so it sounds like actually placing the Sequence "clips" on the timeline would only be for rough cuts and evaluating different scene edit options against one another in-program (as part of a preview, etc.)? I guess I'm just disappointed that I can't get a full quality export using them in the following way: - Create a single VPJ project with multiple sequences - Dedicate each sequence to a different scene - Create a "Master" sequence in which I drop in each of the Sequence clips to form the whole - Export the "Master" sequence as my finished prod
  2. So I guess my question boils down to this: what is the intended use scenario(s) of the "Sequences" clips which appear in the media bin on the Sequences tab?
  3. I use CTRL+Click to select multiple segments, but it's very inconvenient when I have to select 50+ individual clip segments just to shift them to the right by a few seconds to insert a new clip. Adobe Premiere has an option which selects all segments on all tracks, but only starting at the clicked position and to the right (so it makes it very easy to select all the contents if you just need to shift them forward a few seconds). Right now I'm using CTRL+Click to select, copy, and paste the contents of each sequence into yet another one; however, when I group clips the grouping does not ap
  4. I just started using VideoPad a couple months ago and love it. However, I've run into a bit of a problem. I was having trouble with convenient object selection (I wish it had more track selection options like Premiere, i.e. the ability to select all items on a single track) so to avoid those issues I decided to split up my most recent project into separate sequences. I did this because I noticed each sequence showed up as a media clip available for insertion in the timeline, so I created one "Master" sequence and dropped each of the respective Sequences onto the Master sequence sequentia
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