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  1. Actually, the above response is not true. If you go to the Express Dictate site and go to the software you are using, scroll down and find the voice recorders they recommend. My clients use Olympus recorders.
  2. I can't get dictation from my Olympus VN-8100PC to download on to Express Dictate. One of my clients uses this exact same setup, same recorder, same Express Dictate, and I have set my settings on Express Dictate the same as theirs. However, when I hook up the recorder with the cable to the computer with Express Dictate open, it doesn't download. The icon on the Express Dictate line says the recording device is not detected. It keeps asking me to hook up the device and hit play. When the device is hooked up, however, it is "on" and you can't press play, because the screen on the recorder
  3. How do I post a question?

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