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  1. That works borate!!! Thank you very much for your help and patience.
  2. Hi Members, Is there a way to insert a 45 second countdown clock in a segment of the video? I am creating a video where the viewer will be waiting for a certain event to to take place but the viewer will not know when the event starts. it will start 45 seconds into the video. I'd like to insert a 45 second countdown clock at the beginning of the video, this way the viewer knows that after 45 seconds, the event will take place that they are waiting to view. Thank you.
  3. Hello members, I would like to understand how the Font Size works when I create a scrolling text in VP please. When I highlight the text and increase the font size to 12, I do see the "changed-result" when I'm working inside the interface but no change in font size when I export the video. Does the font size 12 represent "12 point" or something else? Thank you
  4. Hi Members Downloaded and Installed Debut today and I am very impressed. However I went to "more options" to make sure only the "speakers" were selected and when I clicked " "ok" the program locked-up my computer and simultaneously started copying the debutfilterx64.sys file located at C:/Program Files (x86)/ NCH Software/Debut/debutfilterx64.sys I had to perform a hard shutdown three times to be sure it was not an error on my system. In other words, everytime I opened the "more options" button, made my selection and then complete by clicking "ok", a small window would pop-up saying...
  5. Hi Members, Successfully exported a video and uploaded it to my youtube account. I am a happy camper! However I noticed that upon playback the scrolling text (I created) shakes or shutters ever so slightly. It is not a smooth-steady-scroll. I thought perhaps that I was low on resources but other viewers have reported similar findings. Is there a prevention or fix for this? Thank you very much for your time.
  6. Yes, I did what you suggested earlier. Apparently I had to take my scrolling text down to 8pt. before it finally looked professional. Not sure how this 8pt. size will appear in the final export of the project. Should I assume that what I see in VideoPad is pretty much what it will look like on Youtube? Thank you
  7. Hello Members, I am running the non-commercial free version of VideoPad version 4.48. I created a scrolling text frame via the "Add Text" icon. Looks great but when I tried to edit the font size and make it smaller (using the font size up/down arrows in the text edit window), nothing happens. The font remains the same size. Is this feature disabled in the free version? VP v4.48 win7 Thank you very much.
  8. That explains it! All the media for my project was originally accessed from a jump drive. The jump drive was removed from the USB port. Yes, I understand now. Excellent! Thank you Borate
  9. Excellent Borate. Yes it loads my projects now. Thank you. Also, what exactly is contained in the .vpj file? I guess my issue originally was "How to Save a Project". Prior to this post, I would simply save my project by clicking, "Save Project File As..." and simply give it a name. But apparently the pictures and other media that were contained in the file are not saved inside this .vpj file? Is that the reason why when I tried to reload the project a window would pop-up saying cannot locate files? If so, what is the proper way to save a project aside from utilizing the " FILE|BACK UP PROJ
  10. Thank you Borate. Interesting, the last time I went to "Program Files (x86)/NCH Software/VideoPad", the VideoPad file was empty. Now I see the following files: ffmpeg19.exe mp3e12.exe videopad.exe videopadsetup_v4.48.exe Also saw the Components Folder as well under "Program Files (x86)/NCH Software" which also contained files. Ok done! However the option to "clear unused cache files" is located under Tools/Options/Disk (in v.4.48). Is there a preferred file location for "BACK UP PROJECT FILES TO A FOLDER"? How will videopad find and load my folder if I sim
  11. Hi Members, Can someone kindly point to where VideoPad's installation path is located? I searched under "Program Files" as well as "Program Files (x86)" and found nothing. Would like to know how this program installs itself. Reason I'm asking is that every time I load a project, VideoPad says it can't find 99% of the files. Been working on a project for awhile and suddenly it won't load anymore. I downloaded the free version (ver: 4.48) and enjoy working with the program. VideoPad says that the free version is for non-commercial use but it acts strange under normal commands. An example
  12. Thank you Nationalsolo, I figured that might be the case.
  13. Hi Members, I have VideoPad version 4.45 installed running on Windows 10. The interface looks amazing but I have not used it yet. I was initially running Videopad version 2.30 on Windows 7 but after my Win 10 upgrade I had to install the newest version of Videopad (ver. 4.45) as the old version (ver. 2.30) was not compatible with windows 10. The problem now is that Videopad version 4.45 will not open the old Videpad project I was working on from version 2.30. Any thoughts on how to get the file to open on version 4.45 so I can continue working on my project? Thank you very much.
  14. Hi Members, I've been off the forum for a few months and would like to catch up. Is Videopad ver. 2.41 still the most stable version at this point? Or has the newest version replaced 2.41 as far as features that actually work and is stable? Videopad ver 2.41 Windows 7 Thank you
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