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  1. Still trying out ver 3.00 I have a number of clips and images I want to edit into a movie. They are of various sizes and resolutions, and when I string them together on the timeline, then play them back, I get a result that sort of bounces as the sizes change. I need to adjust them so they all play back at the same size. It appears that the CROP effects feature would be helpful here, but I don't fully understand how to use it. For example, if I choose 16:9, an orange box opens up with four squares to adjust it. If I move a square, the box gets smaller and can then be moved around the
  2. I know about the tabs. Doesn't help. Glad yours is working, not mine. I tried reinstalling the trial but didn't help. Anyone else have an idea? Thanks!
  3. If you look at video track 1 (with video on the track and the track clicked on so it's blue), then add an effect to the track, as the effect is rendered, a fine green line runs across at the top of the track, indicating that it is rendering. Once this line reaches rhe far right side of the track, the effect is rendered and you can play the track back. Otherwise you'll get a Making Preview notice on the playback screen. This rendering line (which is on all Videopad versions I've looked at) is tiny and hard to see. I was just wondering if I could change it from light green to something darke
  4. Trying out VideoPad 3.00. While importing clips, the first clip I import disappears when I imporet the second one...and so on and so on. If I try to import several files at once, only the first clip from the batch imported shows up. I can import one at a time and put them on the timeline, but it's a pain. What can be done about this? Thanks, D.
  5. I am presently trying out VideoPad 3.00. I like everything about it except the screen interface colors. Particularly the small green 'building a preview' (or rendering or saving) line. It is so thin (and the green so light in color) that I usually can't see it against the other colors. Is there any way to change the color of this line? I see nothing in the Options menu. Thanks for any suggestions, D.
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