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  1. So far, I've just used Videopad to create 30~45 second videos. Yesterday I edited about three minutes of video. it played back smoothly on both Videopad and Win Media Player after being saved as an mpeg4 avi file. So far so good. Today, I added about two more minutes of video to this file. On playback the newly added footage is fine, BUT, the footage preceeding it (from yesterday) is jerky!! Not every second, but enough to make the video basically useless. it's jerky (just that first half) in Videopad, WMP, anything I try it on. This is a single file I'm talking about in which the firs
  2. Is there any way to keep VirtualDub plugins within the VideoPad Effects menu? I use the sharpen effect once in a while, and every time I start up VideoPad for a session, it's gone, and I have to reload it from where I keep the file. Is there a folder within VideoPad where I can store it? Thanks!
  3. So should we also expect any new release of VideoPad to work on earlier windows OS's (like Win 7)? I'm a little confused why NCH would wait for a new Windows to fix present VideoPad problems. Not trying to argue here but....well, yes, I guess I am. I'm sure there are others here who don't really want to buy a new Windows release just to get a working Videopad..
  4. Pardon a possibly stupid quastion, but what is WIN-EN and when can we expect that release?
  5. In a way, I agree with you. However, due to the kind assistance of the members here, I have been able to collect workarounds that get me past most (not all) of the problems with the 3.x versions. Where I agree with you is how NCH, or any other company for that matter has the nerve to sell a product that only functions as offered by using workarounds! I guess most of us here suspect that they never will correct it. One member here apparently has spoken with them and they apparently told him that they are going to release a new version with these problems fixed. I for one am glad that he was
  6. I was just given one of those little JVC GZ camcorders that stores on a built-in hard disk and outputs as mpeg2 files through a USB port. Can VideoPad capture mpeg2 files? Haven't tried it yet but I've read that not many editors can. Opinions?
  7. Extreamly simple. Drop your still image on the video track. Drop your audio into the audio track, then strech the image to the length of the audio. Done.
  8. If someone already pointed this out then my apologies, but as long as you add scenes as overlays, you can have as many video tracks as you want. The Opacity control will determine what kind of scene it is.
  9. One thing i have found (and this may not have anything to do with your problem, but I thought I'd mention it anyway) is that if you remove a scene (while building your timeline) and then replace it with another scene, or, if you are just adding the next scene at the end of the timeline, but you miss getting it butted up to the previous scene (by as little as a single frame gap), the project will very often freeze at that point during playback. If you wear glasses...wear them! :-) Another thing Idon't like in VideoPad is that if you want to do a video insert in the middle of a build timel
  10. Got it! Thanks! We all know that theres a,problem with rendering time in the new versions, but the beta version renders faster on my machine then the full version. Now, could there be some reason for that?
  11. I'm just finishing an evaluation of 3.02. Nice, but for some reason (I don't have a clue why) the beta version (I think it was called 3.01-none of the downloadable file names include the version number) runs best on my computer. I went looking for it to re-download it, but can't find it. Is it still available?
  12. Well now, that's interesting!! Did they mention how close they are to a fix? Should be a very appreciated fix to the program! Andrew, I was trying to 'see' how you did your fix from your post (#7) above. You said "....and place the sequences you are happy with into the sequence tabs." I think I understand this, but could you elaborate a little? And what comes after that? Thanks!
  13. That seems to be a major problem since 2.41. The thing is very slow. I guess there will come a time when NCH recognizes the problem (probably brought on by lack of sales) and fixes it, but from what I've read so far on this forum, I won't hold my breath!
  14. The move by frame buttons have been in every version I have looked at.
  15. That makes sense Nat. I need to do some playing around with all this, but I understand it now. I too play violin, but I mostly play swing jazz (think Grappelli). Many video people I know are musicians. Guess it's in the blood.
  16. Thanks guys! This thing is starting to act like a real editor, and I like it again! It does seem like an A/B roll editor doing things this way, which is fine. In fact, the only difference between and insert and a dissolve in these methods is playing with the Opacity and audio. Much thanks again!!
  17. True video insert editing is when you have a scene and you want to drop a reaction scene into it. Usually these scenes have synced audio and the idea is to drop a new scene (a cutaway), and then come back to the original video while the audio remains in sync with it. This was exceedingly easy back in the days of tape editing, and on higher end NLE's, but I don't see a way to do it in VideoPad. One way that I've thought of is to unlock the audio from the video, cut a certain amount of time out of the video and then fill the hole with the same length of new video. I have not tried this yet,
  18. Okay Nationalsolo, I worked a bit with this last suggestion of yours and...it indeed works! It's not unlike working with A/B roll tape in the old days, and once understood, it's not very difficult to work with. I'll work with it further and see if I can refine it a bit. I have another important (to me) question, but I'll go start that as a new thread!
  19. So I tried all these suggestions today on 3.02, hoping for a working solution. I'm sure that Nationalsolo and Borate have had success with this, but it won't work for me. I can't understand why an effect like a cross dissolve, which is almost insignificant and very simple on other editors of equvilant price, should be so big a problem here. Haaa well.
  20. However, it has a speed fault! As it gets about four fifths to full size, it slows down considerably. I've tried tweaking the blue line but the result was very suttle.
  21. Nationalsolo, I'd love it if those techniques worked in version 3 on (I'm presently testing 3.02) but they don't, or at least I can't get them to. Has anyone else found a work around for this. Aside from being painfully slow at times, VP 3.02 is an almost perfect prosumer level editor, with features such as capture, crop and resizing, motion, and output formats that put other (often more expensive) editors to shame! But the freeze frame dissolve thing is a deal killer. When I add 1 second extra video to the shot ends that butt up on the preview screen, then drop them onto the timeline and set
  22. it's been mentioned on this forum many times that VP does not do real cross dissolves. Instead, it dissolves out the first clip just fine as it brings in the next clip, but that second clip is a freeze frame until the dissolve is finished, when it suddenly bursts into motion. Well, not only does this stick out like a sore thumb, but it's like a stamp of amatuer editing software. So what kinds of work arounds are people using here? I read recently that one user extends out the ends of the clips once on the timeline, to get enough video for a real dissolve, but that doesn't work for me. Any
  23. Dougie

    VideoPad 3.22?

    Nope. If you Google VideoPad 3.22, the first 7 or 8 results mention it, but don't explain what it is. Just courious.
  24. Dougie

    VideoPad 3.22?

    I keep hearing about a version 3.22 but can't find out anything on the web. Is this real, and anyone know anything about it? Thanks!
  25. Thanks Nat, I thought that was it. Unfortunately, the camera I make images with (and for that matter many images available on the web) are only in 4:3. Cropping them, out to 16:9 streaches them to a point where resolution gets noticably worse (pixel enlargement), but I guess there's nothing I can do about that. Thanks again!
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