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  1. 3.04 (the release-not the beta) has some nicely improved features as I mentioned here before. But I just discovered that if you make a video over 5 or 6 minutes long (approximately) it looses all control and just plays the video over and over with all controls greyed out. You have to kill the program to stop it. I thought this might just be a one time glitch, but turns out that it does this all the time. It's okay for shorter videos. Never had this problem with other versions. So is anyone else experiencing this? And does anyone have any idea what's up? Thanks!
  2. I'll take a stab at it. Are you able to play the audio that shows up in the audio line? And what type of video files are these iMovie HD? .avi, .mpg, .mov, .wmv or other? I had a situation in the past where I tried to use a file (don't remember what type) that Videopad would recognize the audio to, but not the video. and got the same results you describe. Further, If one laptop worked okay while another one didn't, you might want to make sure you have all the latest codecs.
  3. Dougie

    3.05 beta?

    Hummm...okay. Well...It's the fourth item down on this page: http://www.nchsoftware.com/beta/ Just wondering why it got a different number, since the 3.04 beta was called 3.04?
  4. Dougie

    3.05 beta?

    I see that there's a download available now called 3.05 beta. How does this differ from 3.04?
  5. MUCH BETTER!! Good transitions with no freezes in the cross fade, better titling, and a bit faster rendering. If I had to make a wish list for the future, I'd ask for a little bit better color control in the chromakey, and maybe a little harder kick in the rendering butt, but overall I have to say...good job!!
  6. Is a download trial available, and where can it be found? Thanks!
  7. Outstanding! Any idea when that next release might come?
  8. Conner said: "I'm currently working on the time taken to generate cache files and it should become significantly faster in the future." I think we are all glad to hear this! while you're at it you might want to take a look at the frame freeze problem in fade/dissolve transitions. If these two problems were fixed, Videopad would be worth it's weight in gold!
  9. I had an earlier K-Lite pack but I went ahead and downloaded the new one. After spending half an hour getting rid of all the extra stuff that came with it (even though I didn't check any of it duiring the download), most of the problems cleared up! However, I still can't play mp4 files. Not even mp4 files made on Videopad. Never had that problem before. Any other ideas?
  10. I've been working with Videopad versions (presently 3.04 which I just started using) for the last few months without problems. Then suddenly tonight, most of what I render to movies is pixelated and Windows Media Player won't play half of them (especially mpg files). Nothing has changed on my computer (no new software or setups), and while using Videopad, it seems to work like always. So I'm wondering if perhaps one or more of my codecs has bitten the dust!? Any ideas? Could it be a problem with 3.04 (it being a beta of course)? And while I'm asking this, are there other (better?) code
  11. The average DVD will hold about 4.7G of material (in reality about 4.5). If your finished file is smaller then that, you should have no problem with, as borate says, an alternative burner program. The one included with Videopad is....well....never mind.
  12. Title says it! Rendering speed (and transitions) are still a problem even with the beta, so I guess there's nothing new about this question. Thanks!
  13. Dougie


    Yes, I understand that HDMI offers good signals to HDMI TV's and monitors. I was just wondering if using the HDMI signals from the camera into the computer for video capture would offer any quality advantage over using the SD card? Or would the resulting captured video be about the same as what the SD card can offer? Does this question make any sense?
  14. I was about to write much of what borate wrote. I see nothing involving Videopad on that video. I suggest that you redo the video and include an audio track so we can at least hear you talk about what is shown. Just guessing, it looks more like a graphics card or color/contrast problem, but it's hard to guess.
  15. Dougie


    I know a fair amount about video, particularly old school analog video, but not a great deal about digital video. I shoot a lot now on a Nikon digital camera, saving on an SD card. When done, I stick the SD card into my computer and transfer the .mov files to my hard disk, then put them in Videopad to edit. That's my usual routine and I get fairly good results. I noticed that my camera has a HDMI port on it, which I don't know a lot about, so I went on the web, and now I still don't know much about it. So my question is fairly simple: Would there be any advantage to transferring my files f
  16. Working with 3.04. I wanted to move some audio in a stereo audio track so it rests mostly on the left channel. Oddly, I noticed for the first time that there is no audio mixer in this editor (or if there is, I can't find it). So no way to minipulate a stereo audio track (and by the way, even if I can hear that it's stereo, all my audio tracks show up as mono on the timeline. Weird, anyway, this would be the first editor I've seen that has no audio control (other then volume). Or am I missing something?
  17. Just basic VITC. Places the code in the vertical interval and is usefull for syncing up multiple camera shots and audio tracks provided they were made using the same sync generator during the shoot. Most pro shoots I've crewed on have used it, particularly at concert shoots. Most major frame accurate editors like Premiere and Avid use it. For an editor, it just reads the code and displays it on the screen (and the more sophiticated editors can generate it). It also allows you to go to a specific frame instantly, and you can make edit decision lists and the have your whole project edited automa
  18. I was thinking that perhaps I could use time code, to.....well, that brings up the question: Does Videopad recognize timecode?
  19. Anyone here using double system sound with digital cameras or DSLR's and then syncing it on Videopad? And have you had any problems getting frame to frame sync with this editor? Methods? Thanks!
  20. Yea, my experience with the progress bar was also just as you describe. I went back on the VD website again this morning, and noticed something that said...I didn't read it too carerfully, but something to the extent that their filters should be used through something called the Virtual Dub filter management program, or something to that extent. Well, I've never heard of that before, and as I said, all my other VD filters (about three) work just fine. Just have to assume that this one simply doesn't work. I found two others on the website. One is called Dynamic Noise Reduction 2.1 which b
  21. Does anyone, Virtual Dub or otherwise, offer a video noise reduction filter that works? I downloaded one from Virtual Dub with the filename vdn2.vdf. It will open in the Effects window but when I click on it's bar to use it, nothing happens. It's supposed to open a window with adjustment bars. Doesn't happen. I don't think it's my Videopad setup because all my other Virtual Dub filters work fine. Is there a known problem with this one? Any other free ones out there? Thanks!
  22. Take this with a grain of salt, as I've been wrong about some stuff in the past. If you have it saved as a movie (avi, mpg, etc) you might want to pass up on Videopad's iso export and just use the video file to burn on another program. Nero works well, and there are several freebees on the web. From what I've read, there have been some problems with Videopad burning to disks. I've burned some pretty long avi video files to DVD movies using Nero and others with no problems.
  23. Okay, I'm none too happy with version 3.02 (and obviously I'm not alone in that) but never the less if I bought it, and then a new and better version came out (one hopefully with fixes for problems noted on this forum), would it be a free upgrade, or would I have to buy it again? And how does one actually purchase it? Thanks!
  24. If you are saving in an avi format, you can check out this site. May have some useful info..... http://neuron2.net/LVG/filesize.html
  25. Yes, I am using 3.02. Hey, no need to be sorry! Apparently it just doesn't work that way in 3.02. Not as big a deal as I might make it sound. The overlay work around works just fine. I'll just have to remember to do it that way when I have a serious effect to do! Maybe the next release will address it.Thanks much for trying to help!!
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