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  1. hai, promise made worht it i saw
  2. hi,auriol, your english is even poor as mine a naiber,im from holland living near by your west border.And english is not american english,like the same as Hochdeutsch not austria deutsch is that was a stetment a answer of your question,if both work simutamesly,there shut be no problem, a headphone out is a line out[mostly 1,5 mv 50ohm] it seams that hp 2 headphone connections[look at print one splitsed in two] for people who wil both to same music same pc different headphone,, why perhaps romantic keine einung. but no more dreaming.. you can use omne for headphone other for line out,but not in zulu,because its the same idea 4 load spaekers on one line,same outgoing signal,some audiocards[ook on board]suport differtent use of put n of of out. use here a card in whitch hole i put a plug it ask me use like headfone or mic or digital and even that gives some trouble in zulu. hope you got something to work whith greetings erikje
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    hi mostly, headphone issue works only when you have two audiocards,some multichannel cards suport [realtek] seperated use.but its goes to far here to tell howe to config,look at the manufcturings site of your product greetings
  4. hello, about bitrate streaming,why not 320kb/sec.I like qualyty in music. about mine upload dont worry fiber 120Mb up and down,so thats why i ask.because the compresion,takes a lot from pc quadcore 3,6 16 gig on ram,but i wil like use pc also underwhile for subtiteling movies. if heart there is also een video server,is that compatelble.can i that bitrate streaming using alone for audio? greetings
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