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    Problem with FXO

    Good afternoon. I'm trying Axon PBX for use in our home bussiness but i have very few knowledge, Im looking to use 5 extensions and 3 regular phone lines the first is for receive and the others to call, so i get an linksys pap to conect to a couple phones and download etalk for starting, I didn't have problems and I call from the phone to etalk just fine. Now i got an used gateway (but it was working) with 4 FXO but i just don't understand how to configure it and the Axon for use the extensions to call and receive from my regular phone line, I hope somebody will bring me some help before I buy another hardware and the complete version of the software. The gateway is GW0420 by Vanacces, but I found very a few information about it. Thanks in advance. Isaac Arellano P.D. Excuse my english, but I'm from Mexico and it's been a while since last time I used it.
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