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  1. Hi Since my acquintance with telecom technicalities is very limited, my apologies if the question is out of context. I am basically looking for some software to address a particular problem, and want to ask if Axon (or any other) software has the capability to solve it. Problem Description: ------------------------ I am in country A and wish to call multiple numbers in country B. Calling direct from A to B, even with using calling cards is expensive. Local Calls to B numbers from within B is very cheap. I am looking for a software that allows me to do as follows: A device/computer software at A uses broadband internet to connect to a device/computer software at broad band connection B. Apart from the internet connectivity, the communication between these two points will be free. From B onwards, the device is connected to a dedicated local landline (or computer software using a modem) and makes outgoing calls to other local numbers at B. Then B joints these outgoing calls to incoming call from A, and so, in effect, A makes local calls to different B numbers. The ability should be available at A to specify what local number to call from B. I am wondering what device/software setup will enable me to do this. Thanks Asif
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