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  1. Well, I don't know if this is the solution, but it works with me for two days on W2k3 server and CPU doesn't get crazy till now. I hope I won't be dissapointed again in next days... It was strange for me having two axon.exe in running processes and 100% CPU usage. So I tried to run axon strictly as a service - unvisible in background - even without any graphical interface or icon in the tray. Perhaps it was the reason, because since then it works. Try this approach and we'll see...
  2. Yes, I found out this after two days. It happened occasionally, but often enough this version of Axon is not suitable for everyday use.
  3. After several expreiments it seems the problem is when Express Talk softphone is used. When I connected two external (hardware) SIP phones, the Axon didn't make busy CPU. I suggest you to try some other softphone or the dedicated hardware sip phone. Well, after two days of use - the same story. Sorry, even with hardware phones - it's not usable.
  4. I also have some problem with Axon & Linksys SPA3102. I can call from outside line to PSTN and the call is transfered to Axon extensions (in group 701 for example), the extension rings but I don't see the Caller ID: however the softphone displays the name I gave to the gateway and the User ID for external line in Axon. I set "PSTN CID for VOIP CID" to yes, but the same. The other problem is how to dial from my Axon extension to an outside line via Linksys gateway. I try setting the dial plan with several settings, but no success. The phone dialed, Axon reports as "answered" and after that I can hear just the dial tone from outside line. It seems as Linksys doesn't pass the number to the outside line to be dialed. Some ideas what to do?
  5. The same with me (Win2k3 server).
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