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  1. I'm looking for a functionality in mixpad that I can not find. Let me explain : imagine I want to insert a MP3, but I don't need all of it. Lets say I need a portion from 0"15 to 0"30. So I will split the file and keep only the portion I need. Mixpad does that perfectly. But if I come back on it later on and I want to know where this small clip comes from, it is easy to know from which file it comes from but how do I know that it comes from 0"15 to 0"30 from the original file ? Is there a way to do it in mixpad ? Thx.
  2. I've updated to 3.28, but I couldn't recover audio from my file. Is that because the file is corrupted and that I have to start all over again with new the new release ?
  3. Same issue here with version 3.27 :-(
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