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  1. Wow guys I hope this is not the case because i have been doing my invoices like this for about 8-9 years now lol ! I have a friend who is an accountant & I will ask him but I suppose because it looks logical I never thought to question it.
  2. well this is for tax on wages & it is always 20% off your wages over here in UK, so therefore 700 - 20%(140) = 560 This is how I need it to appear on my invoice, is there a way I can do this?
  3. well im using express invoice version 3.68, i go to create a new invoice & enter clients details then i go to add item, quantity : 50( 50 hours per week) item code : labour £14 p/hr description : labour £14 p/hr tax : VAT20% unit : 14 discount : 0 When looking at subtotal £583.34 When looing at VAT20% £116.66 Lastly Total is £700 I know i should be earning £560 & the tax should be £140 & the total should be £700 but i just will not come out like this, why?
  4. I still cant seem to make sense of this, im trying to invoice a customer as a contractor, so the client pays my tax for me and only gives me the wages minus the 20% tax but i cant get it to say that on my invoice, say i make £700 a week but 20% goes to tax, my invoice should show Labour £560 Tax £140 Total £700 Or is it my brain that is not working? PS im no accountant
  5. I have a similar problem, my invoices wont send anymore, it says "the recepients email wont allow emails recieved in this manor" i never had this problem before.
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