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    For the record, the computer running the system is a quad core with 16gb ram, 64bit Windows (all 16gb accessible), 20mb/20mb dedicated fiber optic line, the computer is a dedicated streaming server...nothing else.
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    Hello, I have been streaming live since 2001. I like broadcam for its simplicity, however...it was easy to see that audio and video on my system is not in sync. It has to be in sync or it is of little value, So I listened to the speaker live and watched the stream and saw that there is absolutely no delay...without buffering I can see no way of being in sync. I have been through the software options, and I may have missed it but have seen no buffering settings. If this is possible to do or if there could be another problem, please let me know as it is for a church that would find much difficulty in purchasing Adobe's server for $1000, if this can be fixed, it is the right solution for us. Thank you.
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