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  1. i can't even see anything on mine. just a black screen could you email me the drivers you have used. I use windows 7 but have tried installing xp and vista drivers. No luck. It worked before but then I updated the program and it has screwed up everything. I'm from Calgary
  2. All these posts and not one answer? I can see my video source but when I click on it just a black screen that constantly flickers. Program worked fine when I had the free trial then I had a bit of an audio crackle so I bought the professional version. As soon as I did that everything has crapped out execpt the webcam on the lappy. Have sent messages to nonexistent tech support. They must really want my extra $50 for me to call them. Why don't they get off their asses and answer some of the 20 identical posts about black screens and video sources not being recognized. At this rate I will be ca
  3. I couldn't find it. I'm clicking on my computer then right clicking on the desktop item. Go to Properties then it pops up but I'm not seeing. Can't find adapter settings
  4. I had a similar issue. I went to control panel through the computer (not the program) then went to sound, clicked on microphone, went to the levels tab, third one in. Then reduced microphone boost to 0db. Not sure if it applies to your situation
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