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  1. Hello, To confirm your program is registered properly, you may open Verbose and click on the menu Verbose > Register Software and enter your registration code, then just click on Register. Once the program is registered, it should show as Licensed software if you click on Help > About Verbose. About the volume level, sadly, the program does not offer a volume control, so it will use your Windows master volume settings.
  2. In this case, you may want to reinstall the program from this link https://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/debutpsetup.exe Also, you may want to check if using a different format helps, for example, set the recording to be Fast Capture and check if the issue happens when recording from specific sources. If you are recording from a web page, try using different browsers to open the stream you are recording.
  3. Hello plano1mom, in this case, you may want to select the option Letterbox when you are exporting the slideshow. If this is the option you are already using, you may want to test if the same thing happen on the video before you upload to Facebook and check if there are any settings in Facebook to adjust the video when uploading.
  4. Chris75


    Hello Richard, you can use the mouse pointer to move the edges of each column and adjust the width as you prefer. Move the pointer to the column header and place it right on the line between each column and you then should be able to adjust the width.
  5. Hello UNOME9, I don't believe this is the best channel to get assistance about that since there is no obvious reasons why this may happen. One thing you can try is to open Switch, go to Options > Naming and use the option Same as source for Filename format for converted files.
  6. Hello Scott Barton, keep in mind that the Unpaid accounts report only shows the last Invoice, and not all the outstanding invoices per computer. If the missing invoices are for customers that have more than one outstanding invoice then the program will only show that last invoice on the report.
  7. Hello W4chr, the NCH Software licenses are not transferable over platforms, this means that if you purchase the license for your Android device you cannot use the same license on your Windows or Mac computer. When you purchased on your Android, iOS or using your Apple ID those licenses are limited to the devices linked to the account you used to purchase. epat, If you have purchased the license for your Windows or Mac computer then you should be able to download the installer and make a copy of the installer file on a USB drive.
  8. Hello Eileen Moore, I don't believe this forum is the best channel to get assistance on this matter. If the reports are not coming up right it could be a matter of the money not going to the right accounts and that could be the reason why the numbers do not add up. You may want to contact the NCH Software support team for proper assistance on this matter.
  9. Hello studentofdeath, when you are exporting the slideshow video, you may want to try exporting to your computer as Video File, select the preset HD1080p and click on Default quality /file size and set the Video Compressor Mpeg4 (Native) and the sound compressor mp3 (native) and sound format at 44100 hz, 192 kbps, stereo and test.
  10. Hello Lidlfish17, I'm not sure what you mean by all files frozen, but it could be you were using the free trial and not the free trial period has ended and that is the reason why you cannot open the program. This would also be the reason why you get the watermark Prism logo with the word free on it. If you wish to use the full Prism version with no restrictions you may purchase a license from this link https://secure.nch.com.au/cgi-bin/register.exe?software=prism
  11. Hello, In this case, you may want to check if your email server requires a two-step verification to allow less secure apps to send emails. This is a standard practice among email providers to avoid spam campaigns. So, you may want to check with Yahoo and confirm if you have already set Express Dictate as a secure or allowed application to use your email server to send the dictations as emails.
  12. Hello Stevie Mcgee, currently the program does not have an option to set a predefined account for Deposit account, so on every invoice you would need to select which is the deposit account you wish to link this invoice to. Cactyys Totem, you can use different accounts to link to others on the chart of accounts, it all depends the type of account you are creating and the accounting practices in your are.
  13. Hello William C, the program offers only a limited list of reports it can create and pull. The ones that would show any payment activity would be Accounts Payable Report, and Payments of Accounts Payable Report. For a complete list and description of the reports available you may follow this link http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/expressaccounts/win/tasks_reports.html
  14. Hello IT1Wes, you may want to check if this issue happens with other cameras or capture devices, also, check if there are any driver updates that you can install.
  15. Chris75

    Screen Black

    Hello CajunSpice, since the issue happens after it works fine for a couple of videos, then it is likely the issue to be related to drivers. would this issue happen when you record your screen, capture from a webcam or external device? You may want to check if there are any driver updates you can apply, or that are being applied to the computer before the issue starts to happen. Also, in order to get proper support for this issue, it would be better for you to contact the NCH Software support team.
  16. Hello 3ntr4nc3r, if the registration code was accepted the full version features are automatically unlock. If this is not your case, you may want to contact the NCH Software support team and explain to them why you believe the full version features are not working.
  17. Hello TJR, sadly, the program does not offer the option to change part of the letter's color. You can only change the whole font's color.
  18. Hello Robbb, MixPad is capable of loading multi-track files as long as they are saved on a supported format. You can use .wav files to load on MixPad.
  19. Hello nbray01, I have tested this program using a sample svg file and was not able to replicate the issue you are reporting. In this case, you may want to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance on this matter.
  20. Hello Joe58, and the program does not have an option to lock the tracks position compared to the tracks below or above. Using the gridlines is the only option to place the tracks and make it match.
  21. Hello mx1001, sadly the program does not offer an option to stop the loseless encoding process.
  22. Hello ShariB23, you are correct, the programs will only share the item's list when you are syncing Express Accounts and Inventoria. Furthermore. the item's list will only copy from Inventoria to Express Accounts and will update when a purchase is submitted. However, everything related to orders, or managing inventory needs be handled in Inventoria, and the accounting part needs to be entered on Express Accounts separately. Regarding Copper and Express Accounts, these two programs do not have the option to sync or share information.
  23. Hello Redbluffer, Sadly, from the program there is no option to set the invoice's date other than on the invoice itself. Neither there is an option to keep the last date you have selected on the last invoice. In this case, it would be better for you to contact the NCH Software support team directly to get further assistance on this matter.
  24. Hello knx.332014, Thank you for sharing your experience and your improvement suggestions. If you wish to share any other feedback about the program, you may follow this link NCH Software Suggestions and Feedback
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