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  1. Chanter what you may want to do first is to clear the unused cache on the program, you may do that by going to Tools and click on Options (preferences on Mac), then click on Disk and click on Clear Unused Cache files. This should help some with the performance issue and this is something you may want to do every so often if you work with large files or if you use the program frequently. You may also click on the check box that says Clear all cache files on Exit so it does not build up. About your questions: Question 1: Do I need more RAM to make things work well? No, what you may need is a
  2. SuperSonicBzv the program can only create the packing slip against an invoice. No invoice, no packing slip.
  3. Helmuth, Intente reinstalando el programa después de haber actualizado el OSX, La mayoría de los problemas reportados después de la actualización han sido eliminados después de una reinstalación, intente eso y si el problema persiste quizá puede reportarlo al equipo de NCH software para que le brinden más ayuda.
  4. Chanter, If a sequence is going to be burnt as a video DVD, chapters can be added to the DVD by setting bookmarks. First, add bookmarks to your timeline: Right-click the timeline at the position where you would like the chapter separator to be and select Set Bookmark. Change the name and color of the bookmark if you like (this will not affect your DVD chapters), then click OK. Repeat the above steps for every position you want to start a new chapter. Each bookmark will be used as a chapter separator. 2. Second, choose to export your movie to DVD: Follow the instructions in S
  5. Vapors, you are right, recording on higher resolution from a low resolution source is a waste. however, the topic was that the program cannot record using those settings, which it does. Now, if what you are recording has bad quality to start with (lets say mp3 at 128) then you cannot expect the program to change the quality even if you record it at studio quality.
  6. Hi Surfbear, I just tested this program's version 2.34 and created a recording from a youtube video, the audio recording was saved on 44.100 sample rate, 32 bits per sample and stereo. using .wav format and tested on Mp3 and it saved at 44.100 sample rate at two channels. You may want to reinstall the program and restart the computer to make sure the right drivers gets installed and test again.
  7. Hi Robert, the zoom option on the program will only zoom using the image as loaded on Photostage, the program won't allow you to make zoom on the image as if you were working with the original file since Photostage has to standardize all the pictures in order to create the Slideshow. If you need to make a closer zoom then you may want to consider using a zoomed image on photostage instead of trying to zoom from the application itself.
  8. Alfonso, Express Invoice si es compatible con OSX el Capitan, todas las funciones han funcionado bien en los ensayos realizados. Igual podrían haber inconvenientes en el camino ya que como toda nueva versión de Mac OS habrá un tiempo para terminar de finiquitar todos los detalles del programa. En todo caso si ya usted tiene OSX el Capitán en su computadora podrá bajar y probar el programa durante el periodo de prueba y asi confirmar que las funciones que usted busca no presentan conflictos.
  9. Hi Emma, on the program there is only one option to set the fiscal year end date, you can find this under Options/ Accounting and select the date for the Fiscal year end there.
  10. Hi Kristen, at this moment the program does not offer a report that would show all the details for each ledger in the same report.
  11. Kristen, on Express Accounts you can go to Report/ Other Reports and then select the Trial Balance that shows all the Accounts on the selected Time period. This trial Balance report will show all your Debits and Credits for all the accounts. Try that out and let us know if that is what you are looking for.
  12. For better assistance on this issue you are reporting is better if you submit a support ticket at this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html
  13. fynearts I checked the issue you reported about searching items and my Inventoria did show all the items that match the criteria, showing it on a different page and making it printable is not an option on the program at this time. To copy a business the only option is to create a backup of the business, however, that would create a backup for all the business you have, the good news is that the backup can be modified as exported in CSV or Excel. You can create the backup by going to Tools/ Backup Data/ Select the folder where you want to save the backup and then hit on Backup now. About the
  14. Hi, xpert trailer this issue will be better handled by NCH software support team so you can get the proper solution, you may report your issue through this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html Please check if you are able to use the Web access feature on both programs and include your answer on the support request you submit, this will help to address the issue faster.
  15. Hello, about the issues with the web access, could you try running the Web routing and test wizard and let us know if you get any error messages there. Also, please confirm you are using the direct web access meaning that you opened the ports in your Router to allow access to your data remotely. You may run this Web routing and test wizard by going to Options (or preferences on Mac), then click on Web access and run the wizard. About the reporting issues it will be better to address those through our support team, we already have a support ticket for you and the service will remain through
  16. Chris75

    Acceso Web

    Buen Día, lamentamos el inconveniente que se le ha presentado, para el acceso web, está utilizando la opción de acceso en la red local o está utilizando el acceso desde Internet? Si está usando el acceso desde el internet recuerde que debe de habilitar los puertos en su Router para poder acceder a la information en línea, Si usted no sabe como abrir los puertos en su Router entonces podrá buscar asistencia con el manufacturador del Router o con su compañía de servicio de Internet. Para cualquier otra consulta podra contactar nuestro servicio de soporte tecnico a través de este enlace htt
  17. Chris75


    Hi, I will reply to your questions in the same order: 1- All of our licences require just a single payment, this means there is no monthly, yearly or any kind of fees. However, is good for you to know that the license works with the software version available at the moment of purchase or any updates released within 6 months after the date of purchase. 2- If what you want is to change the text on the Copper invoices then you may do so by going to Options/ Receipt text and from the receipt text titles option you may select the specific part of the invoice you want to change and replace
  18. Hello, This issue could be caused by several reasons, mostly it could be related to the File format selected to save the file and the latency for the stream you are recording. Try using different file formats and check if the issue can be replicated from different stream sources. In order to provide you with better assistance please contact us through our support site http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html
  19. Buenas tar des Tania, en Inventoria existe la opción de tener mas de una ubicación para sus artículos, entonces es importante que cuando esta haciendo la sincronizacion de los programas elija la ubicación correcta de los artículos que quiere vender. Esta opción la puede encontrar en la lista principal de artículos en Inventoria o yendo a Vista/ Ubicaciones. En caso que el problema persista después de la actualización de las ubicaciones por favor contáctenos a través de este enlace para poder continuar con el soporte http://www.nch.com.a...ortcontact.html
  20. Hi Shazza, there must be a good explanation why the programs are not synchronizing, however, without all the details on the issue is impossible to determine where the source of the issue lays. If you could please create a support ticket at this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html we will be able to provide you with further assistance as long as we can get the information we need. Send us a support request with the program's version, your Operating system version, the error message you get (if possible include screenshots) and we will get back to you with possible solutions
  21. Hi Shazza, Have you tried using a different port to connect the programs? Have you open the ports in your router and firewall? We have this knowledge base articles that show what needs to be done in order to synchronize all these programs. First, please check this links for some information on the synchronization http://www.nchsoftwa...ry/kb/1289.html You may also check this article for more information http://www.nchsoftwa...ng/kb/1124.html You can always contact our support team via email for further assistance.
  22. For assistance on this matter feel free to submit a support ticket from this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html If possible provide us with all details of the issue at hand, for example where is the bar showing at, is it in the program's main window or on a web browser. We will be able to provide you with further assistance once there is a support ticket created for this.
  23. Hello and thank you for contacting NCH Software, we apologize for the inconvenience you have encountered there. Currently the program does not offer the option to enter different prices for the same item. We have reported this to our developers for them to check and offer an option if possible. For the time being you may create a new item for the items with different prices so you can keep good track of inventory and cost. You may add something like .1 or anything else to the items description to differentiated the items. You may subscribe to our newsletter to get a notification once there
  24. You may want to check if the computer's performance peaks up (at task mannager, performance tab) when this specific function takes place as this may be one of the causes why the program will lag only at start. You may also want to check if your computer specification to confirm if the computer has enough memory, hard disk space and processor to run the program and any other applications or programs you may be running at the same time.
  25. We apologize but we cannot test this software version because we no longer have a computer running on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6.8). I did however tested our latest version for Mountain Lion and there are some effects that does not have preview option but most of them do. Feel free to test our latest version from our website.
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