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  1. Hello Steve, I watched the video you posted here and was not able to see what you were describing, I imagine those times on your post mean the time where the video will look choppy but it playback smooth. Would you happen to have another example?
  2. Hello, the amount of time you can burn on a disc will depend on the format you choose to record (burn) the audio to. Now, if you want to record 6 hours then you can try using Mp3 as the file format. You can use Express Rip to rip the audio, convert it to mp3 and burn it to a disc, however, we cannot guarantee you that the whole 6 hours of audio will fit. You can try downloading the free trial of Express Rip and test it to confirm if it does what you are looking for. You may download the program from this link http://www.nch.com.au/rip/index.html
  3. Hello, I just tested the latest version of this program (4.22) and the exported file does show the mask and the effect applied inside the mask. Could you check you do have the latest version installed, You may also want to reinstall the program from NCH Software's website and restart the computer upon reinstall.
  4. Hello, I have noticed that videopad records better when using .avi as the output format. Give that a try and let us know if the issues remain. This could be an issue related to the file format or the program's version you have there. You also may want to clear the unused cache on the program, to do that you may go to Options > Disk and click on the button to clear the cache.
  5. Hello, Sadly at this moment the program does not offer the option to add other templates for other documents.
  6. Let me answer to your questions in the same order: 1- There is no automatic option to export once sequence after the other one has finished. 2- The only transitions the software offers are the ones you can find under the Transitions button. Currently there is no option to customize your transitions on the software. 3- Regarding the issues to upload videos to youtube, I just tested this and uploaded a video with no issues. Try login out of your Youtube account from any browser and from the program if you are automatically logged. After that select the option to export to Youtube and log in w
  7. Hi, what type of files are the ones you were trying to upload? Were you able to drop the same files on your Macbook? Have you tried with other type of files, or other files at all? If this was happening to all files you try to add as bulk then it may be an installation issue, try reinstalling the software. If the issue happens only to those particular files you tried then it could be a compatibility issue.
  8. I have tested Crescendo and adding dynamic changes do not alter the volume or playback on it.
  9. Hi, I'm not sure what you are trying to do there but writing music in crescendo allows you to enter notes of different duration in the same staff, however if you are creating Chords then yes you are not able to group notes with different tempo on the same chord. Also you may want to keep in mind that when creating chords you can only group notes depending on the tempo selected for each measure. Keep in mind also that you can modify the measure of a note with dots and other music accidents, For more details you may access the user's guide by clicking on the help icon located at the upper righ
  10. Hello, currently the only way to download the components will be through the program itself, if you reinstall the program and go to Add content, select what you want to download and then click on Download.
  11. Hello, To apply the fade effect to all your clips you can select them all with the key combo Ctrl+A, once you have selected all the clips you may click on the Sequence Tab and then click on Transitions and set which transition and how long it should last. For more details you may access the user's guide by clicking on the help icon located at the upper right hand corner of the program's window (Questions Mark Icon for Windows and Lifesaver for Mac).
  12. Hello, I just tested the latest version of the program (version 2.22) and it records with audio just fine. This was an issue reported with older versions of the program running on Windows 10. You may get the latest version of the program from this link and test http://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/debutpsetup.exe
  13. Hello, Express Accounts only offers the option to restore the data if a backup was made from within the program, if you created the backup from the program itself then you may have the chance to recover your eleven months of work. To create the backup you need to go to Accounts (upper left hand corner of the program's window) and choose Back Up Data.., If you did not created the backup like this then there is no way to restore the data. I don't think I have to go through your 4 questions but just in case: 1- You can only retrieve the data if a backup was created as described above. 2- We do
  14. Hi, That error technically speaking means Illegal Request - invalid field in CDB (Command Descriptor Block), in simple words means your drive doesn't support the book type commands. Not many drives with OEM firmware (in your case, Mac firmware) do. For further advice on that error you may want to contact NCH support so you can get a diagnostic version that may help to get this issue resolved. If you have not submitted a support ticket yet, you may follow this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html
  15. Hi Ivan187, we have been able to replicate the issue you are reporting and have sent the information to the developers for further testing. We thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you wish to receive an update when this gets resolved you can subscribe to our newsletter through this link http://www.nchsoftware.com/software/newsletter.html
  16. Hi, we apologize but that comment is fixed on the program and currently there is no option to change it. You can submit your feedback or improvement suggestion to NCH developers through this link http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/ Also, keep in mind there is this other forum for German speaking people, it may be easier for you http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?/forum/89-deutsch/
  17. Hi, First, I checked and the latest version for Wavepad is 6.33 for Windows and 6.30 for Mac. Also, I have checked loading MP3 files, the test file is 38 minutes long and 90.845KB, saved it as 320 CBR as well and it opens with no issues. What you mentioned that after you opened that certain mp3 file crashed and wiped the whole folder, that is really not normal at all, have you checked your computer for viruses? If the issue is not happening with all the mp3 files then the issue may be with the file itself.
  18. Greg, have you try using a different brand of discs. If you are using +R try using -R discs. Check if the discs you create play fine on your computer. For better support on that matter you may want to contact NCH software's support team through this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html
  19. Hi, Copper does not offer that option, for accounting reports and better features we offer Express Accounts. You may download and test the program from this link http://www.nchsoftware.com/accounting/easetup.exe
  20. Hello, I tested Express Invoice version 4.41 and it's working fine, meaning the statement is sorted by date. I tested this on a Windows 10 computer. If you wish you can try reinstalling the program or contact the NCH Software support team for further advise on this matter. You may submit a support request through this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html
  21. Hello, on the user's manual it says "The key can contain up to 64 ASCII characters, offering 256 bit security. The key is case sensitive." You may access this information by clicking on the help icon located at the upper right hand corner of the program's window (Questions Mark Icon for Windows and Lifesaver for Mac).
  22. Hi, if it was possible please try using a different DVD drive or test the program on another computer. The issues you are reporting seem to be related to the DVD drive itself.
  23. Hello Greg, Supposedly this issue may happen when there is a mismatch between your disc drive and the data rate itself. To resolve this issue try burning the disc at a lower speed if you are using the Max, or to a higher speed if you are using the lowest.
  24. Hi Billy, have you tried the option to "Place on sequence at cursor"? If you already have splitted the file on your sequence then simply put the cursor (red line) at the position you want to insert the clip and then simply click on the button to "Place Clip on sequence", once there select the option mentioned before. For more details you may access the user's guide by clicking on the help icon located at the upper right hand corner of the program's window (Questions Mark Icon for Windows and Lifesaver for Mac).
  25. Hello, Wavepad offers under Tools the FFT and IFFT analyzers that would help you see some of the information you are seeking, like loudness.
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