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  1. The program does not offer an option to select All, but you may double click to highlight the first staff on your score and then scroll down to the end of the music sheet, press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard and click on the last staff of your score and that should highlight (select) the whole score. After that you may copy, cut or delete the selected section.
  2. The Pan tool can be used so you can move around the score, like scrolling up and down, side to side but with the difference that it allows liberty in move to any specific position in the score. About the notes being larger, you can accomplish that by increasing the size of the staff, so you may go to Score settings > Staff settings and change the spacing between lines.
  3. Well, as I have stated previously there is no way to merge two floors if they are in different positions on the grid, and if the ground level and the 1st story are at the same level it means you have two buildings in different areas of the grid. You may want to start a new project and make sure that each story level does not overlap with the other. For more details you may access the user's guide by clicking on the help icon located at the upper right hand corner of the program's window (Questions Mark Icon for Windows and Lifesaver for Mac).
  4. In Mixpad the only way to fit more tracks vertically in the program's window would be to collapse the tracks as shown on the screenshot attached. If you cannot open the image you may follow this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/rmu0k7k6hmi7xbh/mixpad.jpg?dl=0 Regarding the question about the markers, we are not sure what you mean, could you rephrase or provide screenshots that shows the issue? Keep in mind that you may get faster support if you contact the NCH Software support team directly.
  5. When you save the draft the program will assign a draft number. The same thing would happen for the invoices. Now, if you click on preview for either a draft or an actual invoice you would create then the preview won't show the number because the draft or Invoice has not been saved. If you have already saved drafts or created invoices then you may go to View > Invoices and click to highlight the invoice you want to check, and then click on preview. You may do the same thing but select the invoices saved as Draft so you can preview them as well. For more details you may access the user's
  6. Hello, the program does not offer the option to create each level independently. When you create the building you have on the left hand pane the option to select which story to view, starting by Ground Level, 1st Story, 2nd Story, 3rd Story, Basement and Foundation. Simply click on the story you would like to see or work on so you can see it. If you have each story on different parts of the project grid then you won't be able to merge them together.
  7. Sorry for the confusion, when you synchronize Inventoria and Express Accounts what is updates is only the inventory itself on the program. Inventoria does not keep track of the inventory accounting information. What you can do is to run an Inventory report on Inventoria so you can have an idea how much is your inventory worth and enter this data in Express Accounts to start keeping track of your inventory accountings.
  8. To rotate furniture you just need to click to select the item, on the left hand pane under Furniture properties you may choose the type of furniture, height, width, Depth and Rotation. This option is available for all furniture.
  9. We apologize but Copper will always group the items with the same code because logically is better to have the same item description and modify just the quantity. In this case you may want to create one different code for all the shoes that has the same price so that way you can have everything well organized.
  10. Sorry but your description is not clear, could you rephrase what it is that you are trying to do, maybe explain where in the program you are looking at? Also, remember that for technical support NCH software offers other channels like email support through this link http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/support.html
  11. Hello, You may want to remember that Debut is a video capture software and not a media player. If what you want is just to have some images playing from a USB device then you may want to consider using a media player. Currently NCH Software offer a media player software called Playpad, you may download it from this link http://www.nch.com.au/playpad/
  12. Hello, what is your email host? meaning is it @gmail, @yahoo or what is the domain. Also, are you entering the information or are you using copy and paste. The reason for the question is that sometimes if there are spaces after the last character of either your username or password it may give you login errors. For support on this matter you may want to create a support ticket so the technical support team can assist you with that issue.
  13. Hello, Express Accounts do not offer the option at this moment to create recurring automatic payments, what you can create is a template for the payment order you create so this can help you save time but all the payment transactions need to be done manually to avoid mismatches. To create payment templates follow these steps: Enter a payment transaction as described above, but before you record the transaction, click the Save As Templatebutton in the lower left of the dialog. Enter a name for the template and click OK. The template will be available for use next time you enter a payment or
  14. Hello, The program does not allow for you to create more than one invoice or receipt with the same number, so if you already have one with the number you are trying to use then it will revert back to the last good working number. As you may know this is needed to keep good accounting. What you can do is to add a prefix to the new transactions you are adding or delete the previously created transactions.
  15. Hello, the Frame per second (FPS) will depend mostly on the camera, if the camera is low quality and the FPS are low then there is nothing in the program that would help you to get a better image. One thing you may want to try is to check if the camera you are using there requires any drivers from the manufacturer. If you already have the updates software or drivers for the camera then you may want to try using a different cable to connect the camera to your computer. You can also test the camera using skype or any other program that uses a camera so you can check if the image there is low qua
  16. Hello, We apologize but the program may not be able to recognize the device through the firewire port. In any case we offer a free trial for you to test the program so the best advice is for you to download the program and test it during the trial and if it works as you expect then you may purchase the full version.
  17. The fermata symbol can be found if you click on the note you want to add it to, then from the option within the circles it should be in the reddish one. Here is a screenshot of the option.
  18. Hello, Currently the program only offers the option to create tones with positive frequency numbers between 1 and 22000 Hz.
  19. Hello, if the issue started "out of the blue" then is probable that something have changed on the computer the program is running. Just to confirm or discard this option could you try restoring your computer to a date prior to this issue started to happen? To restore your computer you can use the restore system tool in Windows. In case the issues remain after that it would be better to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance.
  20. Hello, first you may want to confirm which is the program you are using to dispatch the dictations with the notes since Express Delegate is only the "server" application to manage the dictations flow. If you are using Express Scribe to transcribe the dictations then there is an option under File > Recover old dictations and with that you can retrieve any dictations you have already dispatched and modify or attach the notes. If you are using Express Dictate to enter the notes then you may go to Dictations (upper left hand corner of the program's window) > Archived dictations and retrie
  21. Chris75


    Hello. The program does not offer the option to distinguish which frame number is the one you are selecting. You can determine the cursor position using the timeline on the program.
  22. Hello, For this particular issues it would be better for you to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance. I have the program installed on a Windows 10 computer as well but the toolbar looks fine. Please submit your issue to the support team through this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html
  23. Does this happen with all the files you try to open in Wavepad, if so then you may want to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance. If the issue only happens to one specific file then it could be that the file is corrupted.
  24. Usually when you get that error is because the folder where you are trying to write to requires write privileges. You may want to contact your server admin and confirm you have write and read privileges on that folder.
  25. For this type of issues you may want to submit a support request so it can be addressed properly, you may submit your request through this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html
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