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  1. Hello, Express Burn does not have the same features as Nero. Express burn will allow to add more files only on Audio CD that has not been finalized, the option is not available for DVD or CD data discs. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  2. Hi, currently we have reported this issue to our developers, however, we do not have an estimated when the issue would be addressed. So far this seems like a conflict between that stdriverx86.sys driver and the Realtek audio driver. We have tested the program on Windows 10 and there seems to be no issues between these two drivers. In any case we will add your email address to our watcher's list and as soon as there is an update on this topic we will notify you by email.
  3. @Monica G, El programa actualmente solo ofrece la opcion de aplicar 2 impuestos diferentes al mismo articulo, si no todos los artículos o clientes pagan los mismos impuestos podría agruparlos de a 2 los que usualmente vayan juntos y así podrá aplicarlos juntos a un mismo producto. Para detalles de cómo agrupar los impuestos puede ver este enlace http://www.nchsoftwa...es/kb/1147.html @Francisco Actualmente el programa solo ofrece la opcion de 3 tipos de usuarios que son: Administrador Al marcar esta opción se le permite a este usuario que modifique las preferencias de otros usuarios
  4. Hello, We apologize but Switch does not have a Normalization option before converting, the editing option is available through Wavepad. Sadly we cannot tell you how to apply the normalization since that would depend of each audio file you are processing and we do not offer coaching or mentoring on audio editing.
  5. Copper does not offer a Sales Profit report currently, we will send your feedback to our developers for further consideration.
  6. The synchronization works for Inventoria to keep track only of the stock availability, everything related to sales, reports and anything else not Stock would be handled by Copper. The sales profit reports is not available on Copper but we will forward your suggestions to our developers for further consideration.
  7. Hello, We are sorry for the inconvenience but currently that option is not available on Crescendo and the software is only offered as is, no further customization is available. However, your feedback is important and we will pass this information to our developers for further consideration.
  8. It will be better for you to contact NCH Software support team directly for better support.
  9. I have just downloaded and tested the latest version of the program V 5.85 on Windows 10 and when I go to Options > Hotkeys I do get the option to enable the system hot-keys and to add, change or delete the current default options. If you are using an older version of the program then you may want to try launching the program as Admin and run it in Compatibility mode.
  10. Hello, Is this issue happening with any recordings you do, meaning if you select the option to select an specific window or if you are selecting a portion of the screen to be recorded? The difference is that if you have selected to record an specific window and that window is no longer open then the program may not record anything. The audio would record because the program picks what plays through speakers or what comes through the Microphone. You may want to try selecting a different window to record, or select the option to record a portion of the screen.
  11. Hello, I have tested the latest version (v 3.01) and recording audio works fine on the severals tests I ran. This type of recording issues may happen if your computer sound driver does not support Stereo mix. Stereo mix is a Windows option that can be used to record what plays through your computer's speakers and maybe the cause why you are not getting audio. Now, there are several tutorials online about how to enable Stereo Mix on any Windows OS version so you may want to give that a try first. Once you have enabled Stereo Mix in your computer's audio options you may go to Debut > Opti
  12. Hello Ian B, in Videopad only one project can be open at a time.
  13. Hi Niktopilyak, if the .vpj file was created on an older version of Videopad then it is likely that the file codec used before has changed or is no longer supported by Videopad. If you recall what software version you used to create those videopad project you may contact NCH Software support team for assistance on reinstalling the old version so you can try recovering those projects.
  14. Hello, to stop finalizing on Express Burn you may load the files you want to burn, when you select the option burn Audio CD and uncheck the Finalize Disc check box. Please be aware that this option is only available for CD discs.
  15. Hello, The settings we have on the computer are Apple menu > system preferences > sound > output > Internal Speakers > Input > USB audio CODEC The program is set as GoldenRecord Preferences > Sound record device: USB Audio CODEC Sound input channel: Channel 2 Are you using a Preamp to connect the turntable to the computer or you are connecting it directly to the computer? Keep in mind that to receive better service you may want to create a support ticket for NCH Software support team to assist you.
  16. Hello, we have not been able to replicate the issue however, if the files play fine on other programs then it may be a setting issue on the program. If you wish to split the recording into tracks then you may use Wavepad to split the audio track as needed. You may download Wavepad for Mac from this link http://www.nch.com.au/components/wavepadmaci.zip
  17. We apologize for the inconvenience but currently the program does not offer that option for phrase marks, however, we will send the feedback to our developers. This does not mean that we will include it automatically on the next software released but if the feature is something that can be used for many other customers it may make it into future releases. For any other feedback or suggestions you may send them through this link http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/
  18. Hello, The obvious way to do it is by going to Exterior > Path and select the Path style and Color, then select the area in the project grid where the driveway and walkway would be. For more details you may access the user's guide by clicking on the help icon located at the upper right hand corner of the program's window (Questions Mark Icon for Windows and Lifesaver for Mac).
  19. Hello, one thing that you may want to try is to burn using a lower speed, so for example if you have a 52X burner then you may want to try burning at 32X or which ever option half ways the scale. Also, you may want to try using a different brand of discs since that sometimes may cause issues with the burning device.
  20. Hello, currently the software is offered as is, so no customization is offered. Regarding the eighth note, since all the notes should last the same time it does not make a difference if they are joined or if they are separated. The music standard is to group every 4 notes per bar or every 8 notes depending on the note used. but each note would always have the same value (time) regardless if they are all grouped or not.
  21. Thank you for the feedback, we have forwarded that to the developer's team.
  22. Some of the main changes from your version to the new versions are that the Scribe Mini button was fixed to work when the application was minimize on Windows 10, Express Scribe recognizes more foot pedals and improved audio processing.
  23. Lastimosamente el programa no ofrece la opcion de crear un cargo automático por mora. Si puede generar un reported de Cuentas no pagadas para que asi pueda solicitar el pago a sus deudores. Si necesita crear un cargo por mora a sus clientes entonces eso deberá incluirlo como un articulo mas en sus facturas con el fin de llevar las cuentas de forma ordenada, Para más detalles puede acceder a la guía del usuario haciendo clic en el icono de ayuda situado en la esquina superior derecha de la ventana del programa (Icono con signo de pregunta para Windows y para Mac Salvavidas).
  24. I have tested the latest version of Pixillion converting jpeg to PNG format and saving them on the same folder where the original image is stored and have not been able to replicate the issue. My suggestion is to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance and include what type of files you are converting. What version of the program you are using and what format you are using as output for the images you are converting. To contact NCH Software support you may use this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html
  25. The program does not offer an option to select All, but you may double click to highlight the first staff on your score and then scroll down to the end of the music sheet, press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard and click on the last staff of your score and that should highlight (select) the whole score. After that you may copy, cut or delete the selected section.
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