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  1. Hello Laura.

    Could you tell me if the issue happens with all the  files you try to save, all formats?  What editing are you doing on the photos before you save them?

    Have you tried reinstalling the program so you can reset it to "factory settings"?

  2. Hello hjford, I have tested the program and i cannot replicate what you are reporting. When setting the program it will stop the recording and start a new one once the time mark is reached. I made the test splitting the recordings every 5 minutes and it did not compress the video, it did split it every 5 minutes.

    You may want to contact the NCH Software support team for more assistance on that particular issue.

  3. Hello Walterwhite, sadly, the program does not offer the option to load shortcuts from other applications. Only the dat files created from another FastFox installation would be read from that option. 

    Also, FastFox has a shortcut limit of 2052 shortcuts only.

  4. Hi Tim, I believe Express Accounts does not keep a historical of the opening balances on the accounts as you change it.  Now, if you are saying that the program is not showing the opening balances at all when you to go the chart of accounts, you may want to create a backup of your data and reinstall the program. 

  5. Hello Tim.

    The program will show information on the income statement once there are transactions linked to your income accounts.  Every transaction must be linked to the correct accounts so the reports can work properly.

    If your transactions are linked to income accounts and the issue remains, you may want to contact the NCH Software support team directly. 

  6. Hello Jay,

    MoneyLine does not have the option to connect to your bank and process the transactions for you, if that is what you are asking.  In the other hand, every transaction you create on the program will be recorded on each account you have linked the transaction with. 

    For specific issues, you may want to contact the NCH Software support team directly.

  7. Hello GK,  It is likely the issue you are getting is related to the encoder used to create the video.  When you are exporting the video files, next to the File format you may want to click on Default quality/File size, change the video compressor to MPEG4 and then click on OK to save the changes and on Create to export the video.

    Once that is done, you may test the videos again and make sure to use different media players to test the videos.

  8. Hello joez,  PhotoPad only has one option to create negatives from any type of images and that is the negative Filter. To view this filter, you may open PhotoPad, load the image you want to work with, click on Filters and apply the Negative filter on the image. 

  9. Hello Tom,

    The program will count the credit notes as credit notes, and not as negative amounts on sales reports.  That information is available when you run a customer statement. You can do that in Express Accounts > View > Customers, select the customer you want to check, click on Statements and it will show you all the outstanding invoices, and credits for that particular customer.

  10. Hello Molly,

    To make a file lighter it is not a matter of only cutting the length of the video, but it also has to do with the quality.  So, in order to make your video lighter, you would need to let go on quality as well.  What you may want to try is to use lower quality settings when you are saving the video. You can find the options to change the quality under the encoder settings.

  11. Hello mitrecyclers,

    To set up the tax rate you may open Express Invoice, go to Options > Tax Rates, Click on add, enter the tax name and the percentage, in this case, it should be 20 and click on Save.

    When you create a new invoice, you would need to select the tax rate you want to apply to each item or to the whole invoice.

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