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  1. To register the program, you may open Golden Video, click on the menu File at the upper left-hand corner, select Register Software, enter the code sent to you by email, and click on Register. 

    Regarding the issues with the audio, is this happening while you are recording or when you preview the recorded video? 

    For more details about how to use the program you may want to follow this link http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/goldenvideos/win/index.html

  2. Would this issue happen while you are recording or after you are done?  If the issue happens while you are recording, it could be that your computer does not have the option to monitor what plays during recording.

    If the issue happens after you are done recording (during preview playback), then you may want to try using different audio and video compressors or formats.

  3. Hello, and as far as I know, the mp3 format is still the most popular format still used for audio compression.  

    Audio files support metadata in different levels each one, and to find the one that better fits your needs you may need to research about the options available and make an informed decision. We cannot tell you which option to use, because as mentioned before, they will vary depending on your needs and the videos you are working with.


  4. Hello leelap, when you save a file in WavePad, the program encodes the audio file again applying the best encoding possible to achieve a good audio file.  Is while the new file is encoded that the size varies, and it ends up being bigger because of the encoding process WavePad applies to it.

  5. Hello HarperBryson for the information, based on what you are describing it is likely there is a conflict between the file's data and the particular player you are using.  Sadly, the options within Switch are limited regarding the settings on the converting file, so, besides what you have tried there is nothing else in the program that may change the settings to make it play on the media player you are using.

  6. Have you tried using different formats, change the compressor for the video, adjust the framerate, or confirm you are not using the time-lapse feature on the program.  

  7. Hello Vic60, Express Scribe pro does support mp4 videos, just make sure you are selecting the option to view videos on the program, and make sure the encoder or compressor used on the videos is MPEG4.

  8. Have you tried using a different track to load the clip that is giving you issues?  Have you tried using a different play back device, for example, if you are using monitoring speakers, try using headphones or vice-versa.   Did you record those clips on MixPad are were they recorded using another program and you are mixing that on MixPad? If you recorded using another program. the issues could be related to the encoder used to record or the bitrate used. You may want to check if the bitrate is the same on those files as on the rest of files you are using on the mix.  

  9. Sadly, there is no option to channel the audio of an specific application through the stereo mix.  Stereo mix will capture whatever sound that plays through your computer's speakers, regardless of which application is coming from.  So, you cannot isolate just one application to play through stereo mix, while other applications are playing in the mean time.   Soundtap does not offer the option to capture capture sound from one particular application only either, you can either record what plays through the speakers, microphone or both at the same time.

  10. Have you tried record using the fast capture mode?  Also, you may want to increase or decrease the framerate on Debut to match the framerate output from the VHS or capture device you are using.

  11. Hello HexoMancy, since you are using a wireless headset it is likely that the program may not read the driver.  If possible, try using a wired headset to test Voxal. Also, you may want to try connecting and testing the headset first, and then launch Voxal.

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