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  1. Depending on the source you are trying to record the issue could be copyright or digital rights management.  

    Now, if the issue happens with every video you try to record, then you may want to try using different formats and encoders to make the recordings.

  2. In this case, it could be that the folder where the program saves the work in progress does not have enough space to save the whole file.  

    You can try opening WavePad, go to Options > Audio > Audio Working folder and copy the folder path where the files are being saved, open the folder using your file browser and delete any files you may have there that are no longer needed.     You can also select a different folder to save this particular recording and confirm you select a folder with enough free space to store the large file you are trying to work with.

  3. I tested the version 8.24 and creating a slideshow, saved as HTML5 and it did not skip any of the images on the slide.    You may want to test if this happens with all the slideshow you create as HTML5 and consider contacting the NCH Software support team for further assistance. 

  4. Sadly, there is no standard settings that will get you the results you are looking for, since that will depend on the equipment you are using, the capture device you are using to connect the VCR to the computer and the computer's specifications regarding audio input. 

    One thing you can try is to record using mp4 as the format, and mpeg4 as the encoder and continue testing with other formats or encoders to determine which option works best for you.

  5. Have you tried re-creating the backup you have on Dropbox?  To do that, you may want to make sure one of your computers have all the data you need for your business, disconnect it from Dropbox (Express Invoice> Preferences > Sync Devices, and turn off this option), do the same for all other computers you connect with Dropbox, and then erase the Express Invoice backup you have on Dropbox.

    Once you have erase all the information of Express Invoice from your Dropbox account, you may want to go to the one computer you want to use as main backup, the one that has all your business information in it, and start the process to sync with Dropbox again.  Wait until the Synching process is completed on this first computer, and then repeat the steps with the rest of computers.  It is important that you wait until the first computer is completely sync in Dropbox to start synching the rest of them.


  6. When you scan the items, make sure the codes match what you already have there, and that you are selecting the right location to receive the items.

    Remember that you can also switch between locations on the main windows, and transfer items between locations if they were stored at a different place.


  7. Hi Stig, In this case, it would be better if you contact the NCH Software support team for assistance.   There are many questions that may require some follow up to get to the bottom of this matter, and this forum post may not be the best channel to get your answers fast.

    If you wish to submit a support ticket, you may follow this link Software Technical Support

  8. Hello, Sadly the program does not have an option to have the beep at start and end but not to record it.  This beep is the signal right after the program start recording and right before it stops and this is why it is always included on the recordings.  One thing you can do is try using VideoPad video editor to cut those beep sound at start and end.


  9. Hello Rlash, since you are working with Mono files, the only way you can have them coming through both sides as a Stereo file is by duplicating that mono file. This means, you will have two tracks, each with the same Mono file, this way you can pan them to each side and when you mix the tracks together, you will get the Stereo effect from both tracks.

    Duplicating tracks will allow you to also play with the levels of each track through out the entire song and you can accentuate (pan) some parts to create different effects on the final mix.

    You can always check the MixPad video tutorials from this link https://www.nch.com.au/mixpad/tutorial.html so you can make the most of the program.

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