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  1. Was wondering if anyone knows when you open the invoice list if there a quick way of seeing which invoices have been sent off/emailed to customer, I currently write in the private comments tab once I have opened the invoice and type in that I have emailed it. But it would be good to have an extra column when in the invoice list screen that says invoice has been sent.
  2. Hi, I have had the same problem as you, after contacting NCH they told me that I could not do anything , so I uninstalled the upgrade and reverted back to an older version. I recently tried again to update to the latest version and the same thing happened , I am still on version 3.76 because of this problem. I know this doesn't help but maybe someone else can
  3. Upgraded a little while back to V3.76 Exp Invoice and when creating a new invoice for an existing customer it uses the details from the prior invoice created in the shipping field, does this happen to anyone else. It is rather annoying as errors can occur. Thanks in advance
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