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  1. Hi, I downloaded the demo version, and built a mix of 12 or 13 different song segments into a project, and was able to export an MP3 successfully. I was asked to make a few changes, so I came back to my file, to find out that my 14 day had expired. I clicked to "continue" (with features disabled as it said) and found that my audio was gone, and all I saw was the placement of my clips, with my envelope settings (volume settings) for each track showing, but NO digital audio. I thought "Gee - that must be what they mean by features disabled", and thought that since I had been relatively happy with my ability to use the program, I went ahead and paid for, and registered the program. Now, I go back into the program, and find the EXACT same situation, so I think now that my project is corrupt!? Please tell me I didn't lose my project!! Is there some circumstance that would cause all the digital audio to be missing? Any help is appreciated, otherwise, I'm afraid I just wasted $40 if I can't trust this system to save my projects!!
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