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  1. Hello, i already have Photostage but i think about buying a second license for my other computer. Now i am not sure if videopad could be a better choice. 1st: My new camera is able to make short films. 2nd: What is the difference between cutting a film or making a slide show? I don't really see it. What are the main differences between both programs? Any information would be great! PuDerBaer
  2. Hello, as far as i see there seems to exist a German version of photostage (at least the website for buying is in German). I have downloaded the test-program but cannot figure out how to change the language of programs' menus etc. help would be great. English is fine, but sometimes German is just easier for me. thanks and regards Pu der Baer
  3. I had experienced similar issues when working with photostage on a project last year - but it was o.k. after some tests when i made some experiments with different kinds of export. It might help reducing the quality. Don't remember more as it is many months ago.
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