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  1. Is it FALSE advertising to say that Express Scribe "now supports ds2 files" when clearly there are a lot of problems. Stop advertising that it works for ds2 files. IT DOES NOT. I've spent nearly an entire day of my life trying to get the software to work and get my work done in a timely manner. (It either won't load the file -- just sits there trying to load the file until it crashes, then the counter flickers and no sound comes out when it does finally load, but never works). Codec installation does not help. This is a nightmare. Do you need $20-$50 USD from a low level, low paid typi
  2. Half a year has lapsed since Nora's post and the PROBLEM still exists! Express Scribe Pro cuts off the audio on some DS2 file types (I have validated the DS2 file was good, not corrupted). I have been using ES fine, no problems, until I got a customer who wanted me to transcribe a DS2 file. NCH's web site misrepresents that Pro version is compatible with DS2 files so I downloaded the trial version. Kept cutting off the audio, attorneys kept trying to resend the file -- no luck. Spent more than 10 hours trying to download "converters' and work-around fixes which did not work (but did mess
  3. Express Scribe Pro keeps cutting off the audio on DS2 file types. After verifying the integrity of my DS2 files, I've spent countless hours looking for a way to fix the problem. The "file converters" did not work and only replicated the problem after the file was converted. After countless hours of trying to fix this, I had to call the customer to tell them I could not finish the job (and probably lost the customer over this). It was an urgent project and I had delayed them enough. Uninstalled the ES Pro version to try and go back to my free version that I used and worked fine for yea
  4. I too was transcribing just fine with the free version of Express Scribe. Tried the ES Pro version to transcribe a DS2 file type - audio cuts off mid stream (I have verified that the DS2 file was good, not corrupted). Totally messed up my computer with "converters" and work around fixes, told the customer I could not finish the work. Tried to uninstall the Pro version -- only to discover that now NCH disabled my foot pedal and if I want to use my foot pedal again, I have to pay for the "broken" ES Pro version. This is a NIGHTMARE to a person struggling to make an income - doesn't NCH
  5. Express Scribe Pro keeps cutting off the audio in my DS2 files! It is maddening that NCH is IGNORING the problem and failing to provide a solution, but they keep advertising that their software works with DS2 files! It only works randomly, seems to me it only works with very short, small dictation files. I do not make much money at my transcription work and this problem crippled me last Friday, and I wasted all of yesterday trying to download "converters" to find a work around solution. Now I am having trouble getting all the "junk" off my computer that came with the downloads to try and f
  6. Express Scribe Pro does NOT play all DS2 files completely; there is a click, then the sound cuts off but the timer keeps running. I see A LOT of posts with other users having the same problem, but no official fix or even address of the issue by NCH/Express Scribe. I verified the integrity of the DS2 File (it plays completely fine with Olympus Player Lite), tried some random "file type converters" which replicated the problem cutting off the audio at the exact same meter mark, and messed up my pc with all the various downloads to try and find a fix. Now that I went and uninstalled the DEFECT
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