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  1. Are you fricking kidding ... The dubbed voice says "Please purchase Soundtap" I purchased Soundtap and still the voice is there. Please tell me there is a disclaimer somewhere! The dubbed voice should say "Please purchase Soundtap and then re-record what you have just recorded so my voice does not appear" Did I miss something is the fine print?
  2. I just purcased Soundtap after using the trial version a few months ago, and all of the recording I made when I used the trial version still have the annoying dubbed voice telling me to purchase soundtap ... even though I have already purchased it ... HELP please ... Cheers
  3. It would be ever so good if you could ... Would it be possible to stick it into the next version ? Cheers
  4. Recently tried to convert my WMA files over to MP3 ... Did 1300 or so songs and then I found out that none of the track information was being kept e.g. Album name, artist, genre etc etc ... Did I do something wrong ? I have Switch 1.05 is my problem what I have just quoted, do I have to wait for the next version to come out ? Does anyone know when 1.06 will be released ? Thanks
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