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  1. This is a statement. Perhaps someone will comment. I like VideoPad. (Slow XP computer.) Saved Movie as mp4 will NOT audio-video sync in Flowplayer on my web page.. (This sync problem drove me nuts for a week until i found the Youtube trick.) Saved Movie as iso, sent to Youtube downloads as mp4 that DOES sync in Flowplayer. Saved Movie as mp4 converted to similar mp4 DOES sync in Flowplayer (I used Freemake Converter). Here's the question: Any explanation why I must convert the mp4 to make it sync? My movie has five video clips among 55 slides for a 20 minute lecture. viewable at http://frontal-lobe.info/gca.htmll#video And with WonderShare menus the end result is an excellent DVD. masonc
  2. On VideoPad I can get the video and audio synchronized -- laboriously for a speech with many slides. But the saved movie loses the sync. 1. Is it necessary for all time lines to end at the same time? 2. What formats, settings, choices will give a movie with the video and audio in sync as set on VideoPad?
  3. Or "ghost overlay with its linked(?) clip." Duration maybe 1/10 second. It is at 18:33.1 seconds but does not show anywhere but when that time is run. I trapped it there by repeated short runs across the time with the VideoTrack empty. I can also see it on the Clip Preview -- with equal difficulty -- no text shows. I deleted and re-loaded its linked(?) clip to no avail. (I'm assuming there was once a link.) Maximum zoom doesn't reveal it. Only running over the time reveals it. How can I bust this ghost? Can linking an overlay create a new kind of (invisible) clip?? masonc
  4. Nat, thanks for the information about the progress bar. It will save me time by not waiting. Mouse-over nightmare is initiated by accidentally hitting the right mouse button while positioning something on the sequence bar. I haven't learned how to escape from it. I use the mouse-over to reset the fluttering positions, escape vertically, then pray for rain.
  5. Topic title tells it. It stops this after some tapping around. I don't know specifically what taps fix it. Separate question: What is permitted while the progress indicator in the lower right is buzzing? Must one simply wait? masonc
  6. Nat, Oh, fudge ! It was a SUB-TITLE, not an overlay. Forgive me. This program is too powerful for my brain. Thanks for the instruction on linking -- a good idea I'll use on my visible overlays. Really a necessary procedure! Mason C
  7. VP 2.4.1 One overlay is sitting at a particular time for ten seconds but is NOT visible on the overlay track. It displays ok at that time. It may or may not be appropriate at that time, depending on subsequent editing. I am making a movie for Youtube with a voice recording of a 20 minute speech with slides (images), video clips, subtitles, credits, overlays. "Square 1" was three weeks and many edits ago. Great program, along with WavePad. Other things on the overlay track can be easily seen and moved or edited. Perhaps I must delete everything on the overlay track and re-create that track -- blah.. By the way, what is meant by "linked to the sequence clip" ?? Sounds handy but I don't see how.
  8. I have an overlay that shows at a fixed time but not on the overlay track. After some video editing, the time is wrong but I can't move or remove it. Any way to get rid of it or move it?
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