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  1. From the NCH site... "Please be aware if you purchased more than 3 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version. For upgrade pricing go to http://www.nch.com.a...rade/index.html with your old registration ID number and Key." First thing to check... Download the latest (3.04 is a BETA version) and after installing attempt to register it with your license #.
  2. The PV does indeed go away, but clicking on the clip brings it back - with the last IN/OUT marks intact - ready for new INS and OUTS. It is unclear what you mean by the need to "expand the green line with the + box."
  3. You should be able to continue, with slightly impaired VP usability: only AVI, ASF and WMV will be available during export. Control Panel|PROGRAMS AND FEATURES. Right-click on the VP entry and see if it doesn't offer the free downgrade.
  4. Windows Control Panel|PROGRAMS AND FEATURES. Find Videopad, right-click and uninstall.
  5. http://videopad-video-editor.soft32.com/free-download/#after-download
  6. The essence is to provide a video pad at the end of the FROM clip and the start of the TO clip to cover the length of the transition. If a 30fr dissolve, as an example, one full second of "extra" video should be available on both clips. As the diss begins the TO video ramps up. At the halfway point - 15fr - both clips are the same amplitude. At the 30fr end of the transition, the FROM video ends. Unfortunately, VP does not transition well, even when that method is employed. And no pad may be available for a particular clip. Some of the dozen or so editors that I have tested also momentarily freeze during transitional video but with VP I have seen jump frames, doubled frames, and changes in earlier transitions when later ones are added. A rethinkng of the basic design may be warranted... Until that occurs this link discusses alternatives that result in smooth VP transitions.
  7. Does it do the same with another font? Try several.
  8. Improved performance claimed.
  9. That's not truly the case, though rarely do NCH reps comment here. In the other thread where you address essentially the same issue NCH checked in with the following on April 4... "I can confirm that the bad transitions bug and "Building Preview" problem will be fixed soon (probably the next Win-EN release). You can also look forward to reduced memory usage and faster rendering of video." At no cost, VP is a bargain. No watermark, and virtually all of the licensed features intact. If you paid for a license and find it unsatisfactory, then requesting a refund might be the best route to end frustration. As you likely know, there are many competitors in the VP price range - some more sophisticated, some less - and each has its bugs.
  10. Select (highlight) the clip to be moved and all tracks to its right, then drag it. To close a gap easily right-click in it and CLOSE GAP. To drag a clip onto another track - between other clips (but not overwrite them) - create a gap that is larger than the new. After insertion, close any gaps.
  11. What audio encoding is used in the original files?
  12. Please start a new topic, with a specific title and details of your query in the body copy. Mention the Videopad version being.
  13. What version of VP? Is the PC running the latest video driver - from the card maker or manufacturer's WEB site?
  14. Don't know what your set up is there, but try this... Right-click the sound icon at the lower right of the screen and choose RECORDING DEVICES. Double-click on the default device - likely STEREO SPEAKERS or LINE IN. Click the LISTEN tab. Check the "listen to this device" box.
  15. Using a combination of SCALE and CROP will create a zoom.
  16. 3.0x looks like your second image. 2.4x is the first. If that's the version you want click the link in my post, above.
  17. Humm. Don't know why the O/S would make a difference, but my test was on W7.
  18. That does seem to be the case, doesn't it. The free version of VP is a bargain, but in its current state has several glitches that discourage purchase of a license. Reportedly, some of these shortcomings are known and soon to be fixed. In the interim, this information should help with smooth effects/dissolves.
  19. The timeline is where I tested it. <ctrl-click> works as well here. Don't be fooled by the fact that the multi-selection color may not be the same as when a single clip is selected. Try it out with copy/paste. This in version 3.02.
  20. Select a clip, then hold down <shift> and click on others. <ctrl-A> selects all clips. <ctrl-C> copies selected clips. <ctrl-V> pastes previously copied clips.
  21. Perhaps THIS will help.
  22. You can OUTPUT in widescreen, or several other resolutions, and many file formats. To choose, click the arrow to the right of "resolutions." A drop-down box will appear.
  23. Not seeing that here - a 3' still (default length as set in options) with 3' music. AVI default settings, 854 X 480 NTSC 29.97. How much space is unused on the drive where VP is installed? Tried a reinstall?
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