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  1. I am piling on here. I use Wavepad on both Windows 10 and Mac OS. I much prefer the integrated interface on Windows 10. On Mac OS I am often hunting around across my 3 screens on my Mac OS setup for these for separate / disconnected windows: 1) Playback Control window, 2) File Info Window 3) Tool Bar windows 4) Editing Window These windows often end up buried on a different displays, requiring me to arrange them together on one screen to use the program. This may not sound like big deal, but when you are jumping between different audio files all the ti
  2. I'm an evaluation user of Wave Pad, I'm using the 14 day trial to determine it can meet my needs. I'm having a problem figuring out how to run the Batch Coverter from the command line. I want to automate the conversion of a bunch of .wav files to .mp3 format. I'm looking to kick off this conversion in the evening from a script that will run on Windows XP. I can accomplish want I want interactively, using the "Batch" button on Wavepad, however I've been unable to automate this using the command line to it can run from a script. I want to be able to point a a directory... having wavepa
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