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  1. I have the same problem.
  2. Yes fine on the data location. But HOW DO I GET THE NEW VERSION OF THE PROGRAM TO SUCK IN THIS DATA? It's acting like I'm a new user. In fact I'm an old and very frustrated user. Is there no way to point the software to this location?
  3. I have downloaded and installed new version but it doesn't seem to know I am a preexisting user. Or perhaps it doesn't know where my data is. How can I get it to suck in all my previous stuff? Thx
  4. You can export a year or two of Express Invoice data to .csv format and then perhaps import into another program. This from NCH when I inquired awhile back: I've just started playing with another program, which is $10 on the Mac app store. I am a one-man band and need something simple and easy to use. This seems a plausible solution though I'd love to hear if anybody else has found something of this kind that I should consider. I suppose even a simple spreadsheet would work for me. Perhaps there's an Excel template for this purpose.
  5. I second this sensible and constructive idea. I can understand that, for whatever reason, NCH hasn't managed this transition properly. These things happen. But the stonewalling is unacceptable and extremely ill-advised. NCH, there should be a statement from your CEO saying he understands how serious this is, how dependent we are on this software etc. There should be a palliative (such as a Windows key code to tide us over). There should be instructions on exporting data from Express Invoice. There should be a warning to unsuspecting customers buying the Mac version of Express Invoice that it i
  6. These robotic posts of yours (on how we can subscribe to your newsletter) aren't placating anybody, or solving our problems. I just paid $50 (plus $10 for a month of tech support) for an update of your Mac software that does NOT work with the current Mac OS. It's outrageous that you aren't alerting customers to this situation before you take their money. We are now stuck with a choice of using Catalina or using Express Invoice and all you can do, evidently, is point us toward your newsletter. You've certainly known for a long time that Catalina was coming and that customers depend on your invo
  7. Wait, 5.0.5 isn't compatible?! I just paid US$50 to upgrade. Can I get a refund?
  8. I have a similar question to the one posed by gsw. How do I export all my Express Invoice data to csv or Excel? Thanks.
  9. This still appears to be unresolved. My customer list is not in alphabetical order and I have no idea of any way to make it so. Any news on this front? Thanks.
  10. Thanks. Forgive me, but I'm not clear on what a credit note is, and I couldn't find a definition in the manual. Is it simply a way of taking account of an advance payment from a customer? Thx.
  11. Sometimes I get paid half up front for work I am about to do. How do I handle this when all I have so far is an order in Express Invoice? Do I need to convert to invoice? Any other options? Thanks.
  12. I have the same issue. I can get a Discount or Bonus column to appear on the invoice but i see no field or way to enter the actual discount or premium. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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