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  1. I´ve been looking at Fonosip webpage and they don't use outbound, have you tried checking the option "Use the default server as the outbound proxy"? If you can make calls with the softphone directly it doesn't seem to be a network problem and you can make calls with FWD in Axon too so check the Fonosip account parameters or try to contact Fonosip so they can guide you to configure Axon. Regards
  2. Hi, got a problem. When I make a call with a hardphone it works fine, but with a softphone (Xlite and Express talk) the calls disconnect after 8 seconds. The problem is that I have no VoIP provider, the calls are between extensions so I can't change the "call polling activity" and "prevent odd RTP ports". In the "Default" external line I can't change it because it needs to be configured a provider to enter the advanced line settings. Any idea? Thanks! Regards, Eukirne
  3. eukirne

    Port issues

    Hi! I've got the same problem, but in my case the remote one can hear but not send and the local sends but don't hear I'm using two videophones Vizufon 5300, the video is working in both ways, but not audio. I use the port 5060 and the 15000 instead of 8000. regards, Eukirne
  4. eukirne

    Audio not working

    Hi, I changed the RTP port to 15000 and reconfigured the NAT and still the same Any idea? Thanks Regards, Eukirne
  5. eukirne

    Audio not working

    Hi all, I'm making test with two videophones, one local and the other in remote. They are two extension in Axon, they register perfectly and I can call from the remote one to the local and I can see the video in the two ways, but I only can hear the audio in the remote, in the local one I can't hear anything. Any Idea? Thanks!! Regards, Eukirne
  6. If the softphone is in the same LAN that Axon you have to change "myprovider" for the IP address of the PC that is running axon, create an extension and introduce the user name and password in the softphone, check you're using the correct ports and it should work. Regards, Eukirne
  7. Hi everyone, I've got 2 SIP accounts with diferents servers, one in FWD and the other in IPtel.org. When I start Axon they register perfectly (almost everytime) but later I receive an error telling that they can't register and that I have to check the line settings. Anyone have the same problem? or know how to solve it? Thanks a lot! Regards, Eukirne
  8. ok, ok, now I understand. You can chain the lines, but I think this is only for outbound calls, so if one line is busy you take the next one. But I don't know if this will work for incoming calls, you can try it. This option is in "external lines" click on one line and "advanced line settings" Regards, Eukirne
  9. I don't know If I'd undertood what you want to do. You have an incoming call entering in one line and you want to transfer this call to other line? I don't understand why you want to do that. Do you want to ring a diferent extension depending in what line is the incoming call? Regards, Eukirne
  10. Hi George, I'm having the same problem! I'm using a FWD account. The message I get is "temporarily unavariable" I'd tried to use the remote phone as an extension of Axon instead of calling through a SIP account, but I still have the same problem, incoming calls ok but outgoing not working. Regards, Eukirne
  11. Hi! yes, Axon can manage ODBC databases, if you enter in the web admin, view logs option and there's a link called "ODBC data log" Regards, Eukirne
  12. Hi Fred! Have you seen the ODBC log option? maybe you can connect to a remote MySQL server and download the call data as they happen.
  13. Hi, Can you explain a little more your instalation? you have 4 softphones and the PBX, what have you configured in the extensions? Regards, Eukirne
  14. Thanks a lot Fred! I'd revised the ports and they seems to be ok. I'd tried another thing. I'd configured a FWD account as an external line and I receive calls normally, including sound. But I can't make calls. But in the same site (Axon side) I shut down Axon PBX and I configure a softphone with a FWD account in the same computer and I can make and receive calls normally. So the problem is my Axon configuration, cause if the network wasn't working I should no be able to make calls with the FWD softphone. now the problem is that I don't know what is wrong. here is my Axon config: settings --> network - Local SIP port: 5060 - Local RTP ports starting: 8000 in "allow incoming calls and audio through into private networks" I'd tried with stun, and static IP with ports 5060 and 8000. The line configuration is the same that it's explained in the NCH web. I'm completely lost , anyone can help? Thanks! Regards, Eukirne
  15. I'd made more tests, in the remote site I've got a C&S vizufon 5300 (a videophone) and I can call to a local extension and I have video but not audio (the problem with the video was I was using too much bandwidth). but if I try to call from the local videophone to the remote one I still have the error message: "temporarily unavariable" I've noticed that it happens everytime I try to call to something outside the site. I'd configured a FWD account as external line and I can receive calls but I can't make them. I think it can be something about the local ports, but I've configured the NAT to redirect the ports to Axon PBX PC. I've redirected 5060-5090 and 8000-8100. Any idea? Thanks!! Eukirne
  16. Hi Fredtheman, The IP doesn't change, I'm sure. The phones rings, but the call hangs up in the moment the other side answer. I'll test the ports in the router / firewall to make sure they're right. Because, as I have more than one SIP account in the same location maybe they are in the same port. Thanks!!
  17. Hi everyone, I've got a problem. I've Axon in a location with fixed IP and other location with Express talk, Xlite and a videophone. The problem I have in the remote location is that the phones register but I can't make calls and in the Axon side if I try to call to the remote one I get "error returned: temporarily unavairable" in the moment the other side answer, no matter if I use a hardware phone or a softphone (Express talk or Xlite) the same message is returned. I've configured the public IP, opened the ports, everything. I thing it could be a problem of the RTP port but I'm not sure. Any idea? Thanks and regards, Eukirne
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