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  1. I have used MEO to create self extracting files, when the free period ran out I paid and registered. MEO now will not create self extracting files, it says 'Failed to reset pointer' and stops. This is a nice product when its working but its not the first problem I have had. Any help to cure this would be welcome.
  2. Menu x is a windows front end that makes launching programs easier. I think there is some keyboard capture that is stopping MEO seeing the password. So stop anything that is running one thing at a time untill it works. Then you will know what program to stop to get MEO to work.
  3. Found it......!!!!! Well in my case any way. I use win7 and start menu x. If I exit start menu x MEO works fine if I restart Start Menu X I get the no empty password error. I hope this helps guys... Dave.
  4. This might be of use........ Link removed as its no longer needed, see below. it's a bit long.
  5. My files are self extracting files (.exe). and running them from the command prompt or windows powershell has the same result.
  6. I have the same problem. I was able to decrypt files until recently then suddenly, I get empty passwords are not allowed. I am willing to help find the cure to this problem, please contact me. In the mean time I will start looking. Regards Peacorp
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