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  1. Hi guys,


    Had this software a few days now and im still looking (in the software and the forums)

    for 3 things:


    1) Add permanent Public Nots different for each customer.

    - i like to remind them of the aggreed payment method. EG: Payment Method: COD

    - or a simple note to one client everytime; eg: INV1-thanks time INV2-thanks mary


    2) Emails sent. Every invoice i send the email is the same. "Thank you for you business...ect"

    - How do a add it so i dont have to copy and paste from note pad every single time?


    3) Emailing Payment Details, doesnt seem to be anywhere.

    - If i send a sales order with payment method bank deposit to their accounting department. how do you they know what bank to put it in? I need to add this somewhere PERMANENT. no copy paste into notes like i am now.


    Thank you to anyone who replys or helps. (seems to be hit and miss on here, but ill leave that topic for another day:P)

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