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  1. I have my vonage softphone + axon + IVM + IMS working together quite nicely. I am going to do a full write up on how this was done, but one nagging issue is keeping it from being 100% complete. It seems that Vonage requires proxy authorization for outbound calls as well as inbound. I have an outbound extension (601) set to call an external number (non sip). I have IVM set to transfer a call to ext. 601. IVM passes the call to Axon, which tries to dial out on the softphone line. After looking through the SIP trace log, it seems as though the proxy registration is failing, because I keep g
  2. xunileca

    Call Transfer

    OKAY, I read this and have been trying to set the initilization string. I am going to Device Manager->Modems->Zoom External->Properties->Advanced->Extra Strings If I put in S29=1, IVM answers, but the problem persists. (two green lights on modem) If I put in S29=1 +VTD=70, IVM will not initialize the modem (only one green light) If I put in S29=1 +FCLASS=8;+VTD=70, I get two green lights, but IVM will not answer the call. So, something is wrong with the init string, but I have not discovered what yet. Pouring through AT command sets has given me quite a hea
  3. xunileca

    Call Transfer

    I have vonage with a linksys RTP300 router (2 phone ports). I have read ALL the threads covering call transfers with/without vonage and still am having a problem. I know vonage supports call transfer because I was able to do it with a handset. I have put !,#90 (NUMBER) * for blind transfers and !,#91 (NUMBER), 1 if confirmed and !!, if denied for confirmed transfers. I have set my menu prompt to transfer calls to my cell if the user presses 9. Here is what happens. I call in from my wife's cell phone. IVM answers and plays OGM. I press 9, IVM log shows 00:00 Play file: Z:\wavs\
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