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  1. Sorry... PPS is PowerPoint presentation..................... PPT actually but when is a show is PPS... sorry, should have write it up. are you Ron? I would like to thank you for your answer. I am going to try to make it work.... Thank you
  2. this is unrelated with your question but thought you might have the answer to my dilema, i need to send music into a PPS and it does not seem to travel with to others, I need a WAV file but it is too big I think - Ihave a MIDI that is perfect but it does not travel with the PPS, how do i manage to make it work? Thank you...
  3. I have been trying to put music in my PPT to travel to others. They cannot hear my music because my sound files are stored in my PC. So I learned that "dah" I needed to have a WAV file to travel and others can listen. However when I converted a MIDI to WAV the WAV is so big that I cannot send it. 1) What would be the best way to send music to travel with the PPS, 2) if I have an MIDI how can I convert it to and try to compressed it so it won;t be big in a wav file, 3) what other options do I have. This is driving me nuts and I want to be able to have this done by Wednesday if possible. Can anyone help me please? Thank you!!!
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